Posted by: Natalie | June 14, 2011

Book Wish List

Away with the rain and in with the humidity – the sun may be shining but I am definitely not a hot weather person. I simply do not have the wardrobe or the knowledge to dress for sweltering conditions, particularly when forced to sit in an enclosed conference room all day with only treacle-like coffee for reprieve. I know I shouldn’t complain, but we all know I would rather be layering up the knits than desperately raiding the closet for anything that vaguely resembles summer wear!

This being the case, I feel like I have melted, both inside and out. My internal wiring has definitely fused together and no ice cream van has yet appeared to cool me down – the shop is too far. I may as well be walking through Bangkok but without the handy monsoon down pour to chill. So, I am thinking on cooler days – looking out towards autumn and winter. Having the new job waiting is helpful in this, as is the organising of my future living space. We spent the weekend looking at oddments of furniture which will be needed (we have bought the most gorgeous set of Victorian style drawers, all hand made and smelling gloriously of sawdust and remnants of summer trees!) and Steve today bought me a Slanket to keep me warm on those winter nights alone up North. I have begun the arduous task of packing up books to relieve bookcases before their own relocation and pocket money is being raised to purchase all the other necessary bits any new move needs.

This spending of unallocated pennies on mattresses, bedding, stationary (oh yes! The stationary shop for the new school year is already on the to-do list!), fridges (well, one fridge really), microwaves and what no means there is little money left for frivolous book buying. There isn’t usually a whole stack of cash waiting at the end of each month to be spoiled on literature, but until those cooler months commence, there will be none at all – it might actually make me get a move on and read some of the books which have been waiting for years! But in the mean time I can look, covet and dream. Here are a few which have been added to the wishlist (click each image for link to Amazon):

"The Steampunk Bible" £11.89 @ Amazon

"Twas the Knits Before Christmas" by Fiona Goble, £6.49 to pre-order on Amazon. Fabulous, fun caricature knits from the famous festive poem.

"Knitted Finger Puppets" by Meg Leach £12.59 on Amazon. Just too sweet, and a good way of using up all those skein ends I have!

"A Monster calls" by Patrick Ness, £7.42. Absolutely stunning hard back children's book. Seems to be written well on browsing, but the illustrations alone make buying compulsive.

Philip Reeve Box Set - because mine have been read so often by grubby fingered children, I think its about time I had a set all for myself! Available on Amazon Market Place for around £21.

I think all the Penguin Classic hardbacks are beautiful - I am lucky to own a couple, but "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde just oozes sophistication. £8.98

Look how pretty they are! I want them all - I think they would look amazing in my future grown up home, in a solid wood bookcase next to my reading chair and yet-to-buy standard lamp!

Can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this book out in September, the third of William Hussey's 'Witchfinder Series', "The Last Nightfall".

I am thinking a little real life book browsing may be on the cards soon – all this warm weather is making me twitchy, and read less. Come back to me cold and wet, so I can linger under a blanket with an indulgent book without feeling the slightest hint of guilt!



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