Posted by: Natalie | June 15, 2011

Six down, six to go . . .

WOW! Half the year gone, that is utter madness – and now Plinky demands to know what 10 things I wish to accomplish in the remaining six months of 2011. I am struggling to comprehend just where these past few months have gone. It seems like only minutes since I was reduced to fits of tears because I could not see the future, because I was frustrated and to put it bluntly, bored. Talking with a colleague the other day made me realise, this is how I have so far spent my 2011, in a perpetual state of unnoticed boredom. I have had plenty to occupy my time and a mass of hobbies I enjoy, but I have very much been unfulfilled and it is only now I realise this – I have not challenged myself but expected some form of challenge to drop out of the ether onto my lap and spur me on. Sometimes you have to make your own challenge and push yourself – sadly it is at these times that you often lack the drive to give yourself the motivation in the first place! Vicious circles and all that.

So, not exactly a ‘thing’ to do before 2012 but certainly on the list to remember – try not to get stuck in a self-pity spiral of laziness. I have one of the biggest challenges of my life ahead of me and I think that shall see to the self-motivation for a while! I just have to stop myself being tempted to fall into a routine of slovenliness on my evenings alone!

Having been severely demotivated for a very long time, I have found it a little difficult to actually plan other things that I want to accomplish. But with the rising haze and the igniting sparks there may be a little plotting beneath, a few simple things I want to do before 2012 begins . . . .

  1. Find an antique, working, barley-twist standard lamp for my new pad. 
  2. Along with this, mainly because Steve desperately doesn’t want one, an old wooden hat stand. I have no hats, but I think my coats would love a special place to hang!
  3. Experience Christmas festivities in Berlin. To celebrate my getting old we are hoping to spend a few pre-xmas days in the German capital drinking Gluwein and eating sausage. Good times.
  4. Visit a castle. I love castles and I haven’t been to one in since last summer when I visited Denby with my Mum. Perhaps a little jaunt into Yorkshire to Skipton Castle one weekend when Steve is with me in the North.
  5. Re-read the final Harry Potter book, because I read it in such a blur the first time round I cannot remember what happens, and I would like to before watching the historic finale to the film franchise.
  6. See another live musical, preferably Les Miserables (my all time favourite) but I am very easy to please.

    Skipton Castle

  7. Have a picnic. Again, not something I have done since last year. I love going for a walk and picking a spot to sit and lounge with nibbles and flasks, preferably somewhere with a view.
  8. Fit into a size 12 dress. I am so painfully close to achieving this, but every time I think I am nearly there, I rediscover cheese, or other beautiful, fattening treats. The current International Food Fair for example with the gorgeous little pastries – one is simply not enough.
  9. Win the lottery. I am assuming my luck must be in this year, I’ve been waiting a while.
  10. Make crème brulee.Possibly one of my favourite desserts ever but I have never had the guts to actually try to make one at home, they seem a little taxing for my humble skills. The attempts may also negatively impact upon number 8!

See, I ask very little in my life really. I just hope the exciting push in September does not bring out the ambition beast, demanding much more than these simple desires. When unleashed, my ambition can be a scary thing indeed!



  1. They all seem like great ambitions – the kind which are (comparatively) easy to achieve, but which at the same time deliver an amazing sense of satisfaction! The perfect aims, in short!

    Oh, and I’m so jealous of the Berlin Christmas idea, sounds like you’ll have an amazing time 🙂

    • I think five days absorbing a pure hit of christmas with the vast number of markets they have there, is the perfect way to mark my 30th! So exciting!! I think part of the problem though with ‘simple’ ambitions is that they are so easily pushed aside, thinking we can always get to them another day. I shall attempt NOT to do this!!! Hope you’re well chick, lovely to hear from you! Nxxx

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