Posted by: Natalie | November 16, 2012

The horse is back on the wagon!

Or something like that.

Its been a while, too many months in fact. This year has been an interesting one to say the least and soooooooooooo much has happened since last we spoke. I am no longer a teacher (yipeeeee!) and no longer a Miss (double yipeeeeeee!). It is probably a good thing that I am no longer in the classroom, mainly due to the fact that my married name would undoubtedly be changed by the little angels from Mrs Webley to: Mrs Wibbly, Mrs Wobbly, Mrs Wibbly-Wobbly or any other variation on this theme! There were precious few alternatives to Crawford, although Miss CrowFoot was probably the most interesting.

For the remainder of the year, I plan on getting this little blog back out into the world, get myself reading at full speed again and enjoy the fact that my evenings and weekends are my own for the first time in my professional life. Once this hellish year is done and dusted I intend to get to my butt firmly back on the writing horse and actually send my manuscripts to publishers! And I will no longer have the fact that I’m losing the plot and melting into a slush of tears and hysteria, as a convenient excuse not to.

In fact, I have never quite been so content with my lot, despite the fact that my husband (!!!) is still living a hundred miles away from me during the week. I may also be earning less than half my usually salary and only on a short term contract, but I LOVE my job!! I am currently working as a book selector for a library services company in Preston – in a nutshell, I am shopping for books all – day – long! To some of you this may seem a little tedious; it is ever so slightly more complicated than my nutshell, but it SO much fun. My overriding disbelief is just how calm everyday is; how relaxed and . . . myself I feel . . . AT WORK! Not only do I spend my week looking at books (and having to walk through a library to get to my desk!) I get to do it in an environment which doesn’t knock hard on the crazy door! But more than this – I have actual human, adult conversation during the day.

I cannot begin to tell you the value of being able to talk with other people (other than children) through the day, on conversation topics which are not limited to weighty complaints about the profession, colleagues or pupils. I cannot, in all honesty, tell you what this has done to my general sense of well-being – I never really noticed how the vast negativity of others can drain the soul. All I can say to all the lovely people I have previously worked with in he teaching world – I cannot recommend ENOUGH that options be kept open. There is another world out there, a poorer one, but a lighter one!

As for today, I’m going to sit back and read A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, before the gentleman who loaned it thinks I’ve eaten it!



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