Posted by: Natalie | May 12, 2012

Gobliny Goodness

My second foray into the world of Pratchett has hit a stumbling bloke. My ever growing attention deficit disorder. There is absolutely nothing wrong with  Night Watch, its perfectly fine. Its a nice tale. I think from the bland words of choice you might realise that I am not overly enthused. I do want to finish the story as I do quite like Pratchett’s style, but I am clearly not hooked. I often loose track of who is narrating, of the connections between characters because, sadly, I’ve switched off. I am starting to wonder if the vast popularity of these books is simply because they are easy to read. I float through the pages but I find that I have paid so little attention that I have to return ten pages or so to catch back up.

There is humour within though which I enjoy, but it is also perhaps this light-hearted attitude which is detaching me from the tale. I like a little grit – even in my teen/kids books. I need something sinister within. This book just seems like a whimsical jaunt without much substance. I will persevere though. I think. But I find myself distracted. Having not bought up the whole of Hay-on-Wye recently, I suffered a peculiar sense of buyer’s remorse – not in the typical notion but in reverse. So when dashing into a book shop for school resources, I treated myself to something gorgeously green . . .


I WANT TO READ IT NOW!!! Not only is it by one of my favourite authors, Mr Philip Reeve, but it looks fabulous on my book shelf – it has green pages!!! I worry for Pratchett and his Night Watch, I’m thinking Goblins won’t stay closed for long!



  1. I love the typo in the first line… hit a stumbling bloke. So much better than the actual spelling! In other news, I find Pratchett ok… but I would try Wryd sisters (just brilliant), and some his non discworld stuff, such as the wonderful zany Carpet People. He has a tendency to get a little over discworld obsessed and his books become convoluted and a bit ‘meh’. Some, however, are awesome!

    Sorry for the ramble!

    • Heehee! Hadn’t even noticed. I’m leaving it in now!!!

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