Posted by: Natalie | April 17, 2012

If Money Were No Object: An Alice Themed Wedding

You may be seeing more of these book inspired wedding-posts over the coming weeks. Not content with planning my own marvellous day, I can’t help but design fantasy days for some of my favourite literary characters! It may be said that I have too much time on my hands, it could also be suggested that I am a little tapped. Either way, I don’t care. The ladies out there can’t tell me they have not, at some point, made similar fantastical deliberations over lace or tulle? Silk or satin? Red or white roses? Mad Hatter or March Hare? Ok, maybe just me then.

But I could be Alice on her big day, perhaps these are just a few little pieces I might choose . . .

Of course the reception would be outdoors, as in this photo borrowed from In the Berry Patch. I love the idea of tables cluttered with mismatching kitch and vintage, candlesticks, flowers and of course teacups. This would be accompanied by chairs of clashing colours and un-coordinating heights but all with a little victoriana about them. Table cloths would be laced linen, bright white to catch the sunlight dappled through the trees. Oh, and the trees would hold beautiful, glowing paper lanterns and dangling playing cards. Don't want much now, do I?!!

I don't think Alice would mind a lack of champagne flutes for the toasts! In fact, her guests may actually prefer toast to go with these lovely vintage tea cups found at Lets be fair now, my life is so full of the lovely drink, that nothing could be a more fitting celebration than tea, tea, tea!!

Not that the beautifully cluttered tables would need centrepieces, but for the table numbers/names, I would have to pinch Stefani's idea from Teapots over flowing with blousy blooms in bright colours, would hold an ornately decorated place card. I adore this simple idea, yet it would never work in reality. Not without the rest of the vintage ensemble!

What gorgeous little favours found on Just delightful, although I think I could be tempted to replace the jelly beans with Haribo hearts or something equally smushy! Although, as 'Eat Mes' go, I could also be tempted to have the Queen of Hearts tarts!

One of the most enticing things about Wonderland is the topsy-turvy nature of it all. This being so, then why not celebrate in style with this truly astonishing, upside down wedding cake by the Artisan Cake Company! Utterly inspiring, this chandelier of a cake is a heart stopper - I wonder if Aunty K has the skills to make this one?!!!

And of course, being Alice, I would be my own 'something blue'! The left hand dress was found at weddingdressesonline while the sparkly little number is an Ellie Saab design from weddinginspirasi.



  1. Love the quirkiness of an Alice themed wedding!… Do you think you might slip any of these ideas into your own Big Day? You’ve got to have a bookish twist in there somewhere after all!…

  2. Oh I’d absolutely love to!! Just not sure how yet, thinking on some booky themed decs though . . . we shall see what creative juices flow! I did think about somehow reigning in some flamingoes to play croquet with or maybe hire a walrus for the day?!

    Thank you for commenting!

    Nat xx

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