Posted by: Natalie | March 28, 2012

Team Evil!

DISCLAIMER: Apologies for any running bridal themes, but I think I’m allowed! Only plan on doing this once you know!

In all fairytales, it is the fair maiden/princess/lowly peasant girl which wins out. They are the ones to walk down the aisles, fingers delicately poised in that oh-so-Disney fashion, wearing a poofy, meringue, tulle monstrosity.  Their bewitching partner that they’ve known vaguely for the duration of roughly an hour (or substantially less) Disney-time, stands all gallant and manly with the sun twinkling his eyes, waiting to begin a life of unbearable happiness with an unbelievable beauty. So fantastic and magical are these fairytale ideals that wedding dress designers seem to be taking things a step too far. Apparently, people actively WANT to be a Disney princess, ney, a Disney BRIDE. So much so that popular designer, Alfred Angelo, now creates such make believe dresses for the bride-to-be.

Alfred Angelo's Sleeping Beauty Disney wedding dress

Which is all well and good. If you are a Princess or dress like Glinda the Good Witch of the North. But what about the Elphabas of this world? What about us poor wicked witches? Our only endings seem to be melting or flame bursting or magical explosions. Why can’t the mad and dastardly have their own happy ending? Why not provide some options for the less candy-flossed among the Disney fans – after all, evil makes for a great wardrobe. Although the concept of Beauty’s colour changing dress does mesmerise me as she waltzes into the distance, it is Maleficent’s evil Queen dress which wins, hands down! And I’m sure with the launch of Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White due at the cinemas from the 2nd April, a new lust for evil-inspired designs will come to the fore (although I am still debating just how sinister Julia Roberts can actually be). Failing that, Charlize Theron might tickle your dark, eccentric taste-buds in Snow White and the Huntsman later on, in June.

Julia or Charlize? Who will win Queen Evil 2012?

With a refresh of traditional tales at the cinema in recent years, coupled with the gothic revival in teen fiction, I am hearing a battle cry! So my wedding browsing took another peculiar turn as I contemplated what a wicked witch or evil queen would wear to her own wedding. Can you tell there’s been some sleeplessness of late?! Starting with Lilly’s dancing dress in Legend . . .

If you fancy the ice-queen look, there are a few which have caught my eye, including the wonderful reincarnation of the Snow Queen in the 2005 version of The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeHowever, I feel it may have more to do with Tilda Swinton’s haunted, broken look which sells this particular gown. However, the feathery number found on French Essence also took me to the dark and icy places of the coldest wicked hearts. If my realm of fear were to be a frozen waste land, I think these would show, in abundance, my power and unique style.

How about this stunning black wedding dress from Sangmaestro? It has something slightly reminiscent of Vivien Leigh’s attempt at mourning in Gone With the Wind. Too glamorous and deadly to be anything but fun – both the dress and Scarlett O’Hara! Or if deadly night-shade is a little on the bleak, why not go whole hog and sport a train which personifies envy . . .

A peacock wedding dress as seen in The Guardian.

There are of course haute couture items which are utterly indulgent and so mad with fantasy any evil queen would give her right arm to have one . . .

A Michael Cinco gown from Wedding Inspirasi

A fabulous flamenco flame! From Maria Karin Couture

Evil Queen dress from Cherie Sposa

 I hope Steve will be prepared for the anti-princess gown that may or may not be greeting him at the registrar’s table later this year!! Although, on the whole, completely impractical, it would be incredible to wear such gowns, even for a few moments; I can just see myself in peacock feathers!

So, when you see oversized marshmallow princesses, spare a thought for the wicked witch and her happily ever after.


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