Posted by: Natalie | March 15, 2012

Hello Old Friend

Wow, its been a while. But I knew you would be here waiting. Whether or not anyone else is still out there is an entirely different matter. I feel like Armageddon has occurred while I wasn’t watching, while I was asleep, and now I peek out into the unknown foreign land before me with new eyes; with a new trepidation, but a hopeful optimism that there is something waiting for me in the desolate landscape beyond (can you tell I’ve read Year of the Flood recently?!). But out with the dramatics and a brief update of where I am . . .

I can’t quite remember how I left you. I had started a new  job and the hours that went hand-on-hand kept me away from my literary world. And my writing. A single book (Garth Nix’s Sabriel) took me a term to read, and the ever-growing pile was gathering the thickest layer of dust I think it is ever likely to have. New eco-systems were beginning to germinate! They were dark days indeed – at least for the book shelf! The December came and with it not only a freezing flat but a nasty bout of flu. Despite rushing back into the classroom (which is always a bad idea when you know you’re unwell) convinced I could carry out my daily duties, the virus hit back. So much so that I spent pretty much the whole of December and January in a foggy haze of viral ineptitude. Sleep came too suddenly and forcefully to fight and I think I spent most of the first month drooling on sofas. But fear not, I have been in more-or-less full health since the end of January, but due to the darlings in our national health service, I’m still not back at work. I have been waiting for an appointment with occupational health (to make sure I definitely don’t have plague) since the beginning of February. I am STILL waiting.

But I have not been idle. I have been plotting my life’s course once again and catching up on some temporarily re-positioned hobbies. My reading pile, although multiplying through the festive period, has definitely had a chunk taken out of it. I shall attempt to belatedly review the list over the coming days . . .

  • I, Partridge: We need to talk about Alan, the enigmatic biography of Alan Partridge (written of course by Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci etal)
  • The Year of the Flood, Margaret Attwood
  • Walking Chaos Trilogy, Patrick Ness
  • Mortal Engines, Philip Reeve (granted, a re-read)
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy, Suzanne Collins
  • I’m sure there’s another one in there . . . .
  • And currently reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith

I haven’t actually got back to my stories yet, but they are at least out of the packing boxes after the move. My head is starting to swim again with their content and the tweeks I want to make. But also the final hurdle of actually SENDING THEM TO PUBLISHERS!!!! How will I ever get my name on a spine if I continually flounder in my imperfections?!

I have also got back into my crafting, knitting and cooking. All diets which were sadly neglected for a short time. I have also begun to learn how to cut and sew patterns properly – for my wedding dress!!! Steve finally realised that he was never going to do better than me, so on Boxing Day, escorted me on a romantic walk to propose. Should probably have started with that titbit!

Anyway, I shall let you get on with your day and I mine, but I shall be back. You have been warned!!!




  1. […] Hussey’s Witchfinder Series, Gallows at Twilight (Oh!!! That’s the one I forgot from Thursday’s post!). Which is another reason I am glad I waited until now to read the journey of Katniss Everdeen […]

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