Posted by: Natalie | September 26, 2011

Tick, tick, tick

Where on earth is the time going, already?! I was just tapping away on my keys writing a ‘mystery writing’ prompt for a writing task my year 6’s will encounter later this week. The prompt features a strange ticking box which has appeared in the middle of a child’s living room; the Monday morning routine has vanished, along with his family. In the middle of wondering whether I have charged them with too hard a task (their writing doesn’t exactly inspire right now) the tick, tick, tick of my own text made me stop and realise just how much time is passing and how little blogging I’ve been doing.

Steve commented this evening that I should try hard not to let this page go . . . I haven’t, I promise but I hadn’t actually realised that may be how it is being perceived. I hadn’t actually stopped to think about the gaps in my blog and the lack of thought passing through my head as to it’s maintenance. I think that’s ok, for now, I have enough to keep ticking through but I think my balance is coming. In so many ways it feels like I have never been away from teaching, I am loving it – the seeing room for improvement and the plotting and planning the fun activities which address it. I love my new role, somehow I feel a sense of confidence and belonging which has not been part of my teaching world for the longest time. But it is so strange having to get used to this level of work again – being self motivated and self challenged is definitely easier on the little grey cells and one’s sleep patterns than the work created by others. But it is different, there is a certain level of self-motivation involved which was missing under previous employments, a sense of control which provides a little extra room to breathe – although my Numeracy books won’t exactly mark themselves!

I guess everything in life is all about balance. Afterall, without the downs and the lows, how can we ever begin to appreciate the positive and bright. Without work when will we learn to better use our free time. Without the gaps in my writing, how will you or I ever learn to miss it?!! Heehee!


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