Posted by: Natalie | September 12, 2011

Coming Up For Air

Oh WOW! What a few weeks! It feels so odd to me to have not managed to squeeze in blog time for what seems an age! Its as if my fingers have been removed! But of course they haven’t as planning gives them plenty of practice which hasn’t occurred for an even longer time.

I may be shattered and beginning to feel a little weight of all the things I still don’t know (a frustration I have to quickly admonish) but I am quite a happy camper right now. The new job and living situation is definitely a challenge – a refreshing one but one without its undoubted weariness. I think I fell asleep on poor Steve during several times over the weekend!! More than ever my weekends feel like a prized commodity and my time with the boy already feels so precious. Tonight, brain numb and swimming in all the new terms and concepts (I am thinking though, they are not really new, just renamed! I’ll crack it!) was the first night I came home and was really very gutted that my shoulder wasn’t there. Not that there was anything wrong, far from it, I have done nothing but buzz since I started; however, there is an additional warmth to coming home to a place which has those whom we love. Dearly. But it shall get easier. As with everything. I will learn the terms and expectations of my new roles, I will find my rhythms and regain that last missing snap of confidence which can only come with knowing my new life back and forth.

My little flat is a great comfort in these changing times; it is a little nest of me! Filled with all my odds and ends, photos and mis-matched furniture, it is in itself a snug blanket keeping me safe and warm. My bedroom is so tiny and my bed so big that I feel every night like the Princess and the Pea, clambering into a huge mass of duvet ready for a winter hibernating. It is possibly the most difficult I have ever found dragging myself up in a morning! And a dangerously cosy reading place – already more than once I have awoken with my book spilled open and lights still on. Not that much reading has taken place of late, but some – it is certainly there, just not in any great quantity. My current read is Sabriel by Garth Nix – a book I have owned for years but never actually opened! I have also recently added an absolutely stunning copy of The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly to the pile and am pining for that first glimpse of William Hussey’s The Last Nightfall. I did venture into Waterstone’s at the start of the month, but the hallowed pages had still not crossed the threshold. Maybe this weekend? Or maybe we’ll just shut ourselves away and watch all the many (MANY) hours of TV I have already recorded on my new sky box!!

I shall endeavour to call in more regularly from now on – I have lots to catch up with I am sure. Just right now, I need a cuppa, a biscuit and a book flump in my fairytale bed. Sleep well world!



  1. Guess who has The Last Nightfall and has read it already if you want to borrow it? Borrow being the operative word though, I plan on re-reading the whole series at some point!! 😉

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