Posted by: Natalie | July 1, 2011


It turns out my photos are fine – they were just conveniently ‘hidden’ thanks to the evil that is McAfee internet security. Apparently, the combination of Windows 7 and McAfee’s Real Time Scan causes edited photographs to spontaneously change into a hidden file, appearing instantaneously deleted. Utterly ridiculous. The solution? Either set folder options to show all hidden files (defeating any object of having hidden files) or turn of the Real Time Scan in the security settings (surely neglecting a fundamental feature of one’s internet security?). Stupid. I am just pleased that my McAfee trial is soon to be up and a preferred method of internet protection chosen.

So, with that anticlimax and all flowing thread of my proposed post lost to the ether (thinking ahead to an exciting weekend with friends, cider and sunshine is causing a serious lack of focus!) its seems almost pointless to show my caterpillar shots. They are not the most remarkable in the world, but I like them – plus the thought of these little buggers, which seem intent on eating every piece of vegetation in sight, will be born into plenty beautiful butterflies. Glad to be doing a little bit for the suburban habitat; I have also been watching a squirrel burying my disguarded seeds in and around my lawn this week, more entertaining than you would imagine!

Some VERY hungry caterpillars

Every branch of the rather large plant is covered as such. Being a week later, there is precious little but some vicious thorns left on show.

I 'think' these will become Large White butterflies, but I am not too sure. I shall check with the Somerset ecologists this weekend!


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