Posted by: Natalie | June 29, 2011

Technical Help Required!

Hmph. So far on the new laptop I have enjoyed the ease and wonder that is Windows 7. That is until now. I am utterly bamboozled and cannot for the life of me fathom what on earth is going on.

I had a blog post all thought through for today, featuring children’s books, namely Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I had taken, for me, some quite remarkable photos of the thousands of caterpillars currently ravaging my garden. Importing the photos, fine. Opening the photo files, fine. So far so good. But a couple required rotating. The second the ‘rotate left’ button was clicked, the photo disappeared. This has also occurred on the ‘rotate right’ function. I thought I was just being a little thick, thinking they would be hiding somewhere in an alternate file. Not so. Each rotated photograph seems to have been deleted without trace – they are absolutely no where to be found, not even in the recycle bin. I have tried searching their file name – again to no avail. And the Microsoft help section is completely useless – try typing in ‘missing photos’ or ‘your stupid photo editor deleted my amazing pictures!’, and I doubt you will get much.

I am not often too gutted about technology fails as its what I have come to expect, but this one has disgruntled me. I was so pleased with those pics. And what if I want a prized photo rotating in future? How can I ever be sure my photo’s will be safe again?! I am hoping some of the more technologically advanced among my readers and friends may have some suggestions as to where they went.




  1. Have you checked the recycle bin? xxx

    • Yup. They’re not there, however I think I have found the crux of the issue – evil McAfee anti-rubbish!

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