Posted by: Natalie | May 27, 2011


I can’t imagine this little thing being scary or loud – in fact my most recent project for baby Fraser I think is my cutest yet. Still not a perfect knitting skill, particularly where sewing up in concerned, but I am quite proud of Mr Lion.

Taken from the book, Knitted Wild Animals (ISBN: 978-1861086709), this is the third project I have attempted. The book is very easy to use with the instructions and techniques clearly set out and explained. However, as far as patterns go, they do not necessarily create the prettiest animals – some of their limbs in particular are a little odd and don’t seem to suit the desired creature. However, as most of the bodies follow the same set pattern you can swap and choose quite freely between the different patterns to get all the body parts you desire! For Mr Lion though I did have to make two mane pieces as the set instructions just didn’t seem big enough. I like my lion manes poofy!

No more wild animals on the knitting list at the moment as I am currently working on a wizard! It has no purpose as of yet but it certainly keeps those fingers busy and needles clicking.

I shall be off to visit friends in Swindon this weekend, hopefully avoiding the seasonal rain for a good British BBQ! I doubt the rain will stop us though. It is a British barbecue after all! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend all!


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