Posted by: Natalie | May 25, 2011

All Change. Again.

When was the last time I posted?! I swear, my mind has melted these past few days – what day are we on again?

My brain was all over the place last week as I had not one but two invitations to interview, both for jobs in the North West. However, there was one job I wanted over the other so the decision as to which interview to attend on Monday was a quick and painless one. The prep and build up to said interview was less so. For the best part of a week I had something similar to a kangerooing fireball in my chest which would not quit. I have never felt anxiety like it – at one point I did question my general health and wondered what cure there could be for uncontrollable flamey hiccups. Thankfully though it was not angina or acid reflux, just a real desire.

Thankfully fears and nerves and turning stomachs ended at around 4pm Monday afternoon in the car park of Stafford service station. It would appear that despite constant lurching and dithering limbs, I interview quite well and I was offered the position!!! I still can’t quite believe it! When I tell people I still feel like I am talking about someone else. Needless to say, I am over the moon, but having run pretty much on adrenalin alone for several days (sleep and food didn’t really figure) I seem to have gone into a state of collapse! I was asleep by 8.30 on Monday and not a huge amount later last night – but I can’t wait for September, I am so excited.

The writing will obviously take something of a hit, particularly in the early stages but I am absolutely determined to keep it ticking over, to keep working on it. If I am honest, I never expected to be this excited about a teaching position again – I never dreamt that the prospect of such hard work would make me fizz and bubble once more – but it has.  This in itself makes me unbelievably happy. And when my brain clicks into reality again and my body is able to actually hold itself up, I shall be celebrating in style! Big changes once more, but change doesn’t mean that things have to come to an end or dreams change – in this case it just means that I have the opportunity to balance all the things I love. I am a very lucky girl.



  1. Well done! Great news. Here’s to continued success both in your teaching and your writing!

  2. Well done Nat 🙂 where’s the job, anywhere I know?x

    • Highfield in Chorley, just off Eaves Lane, so I shall be back in sunny Adlington in September! Woohooooo! We shall have to have pizza nights! Nxxx

  3. Yey! And I shall be up for that!!xx

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