Posted by: Natalie | May 9, 2011


I am writing to you today from my new shiny! My laptop is possibly one of the most infuriating pieces of machinery known to man. A good 30 minutes of warm up allows me to access perhaps maybe one web page or a single word document. I have done my best to remove unnecessary items and clean my hard drive regularly, but the ghost was given up long ago. I am moaned, it is true, but I finally grew to accept that my laptop was just a little old, a needed to be treated as such. But my wonderful Steve has removed any need for terminal patience – he has bought me a lovely new lap top which actually works!! I have keys which when pressed, actually respond! There is no freezing or waiting or wondering if life is going to breathe into the cogs and gears (seriously, I think the old lap top may be working in similar fashions to wind up radios!), just smooth happiness. It should now take me less than two hours to produce a daily blog post! Woohoo! He is an utter angel and I love him dearly – best make something good for tea me thinks.

So a slight delay and tangent to toady’s blog post. But all for the greater good.

The Two Ronnies as Pinocchio and Gepetto

I wanted to share something with you which I was directed towards this weekend while visiting Miss De Maine. I love intelligent word play and have what I perceive as a good, British sense of humour. Growing up, we spent a lot of time watching the Two Ronnies, a silly sketch show which satisfies the childish whilst intriguing with intelligence. They are well know for playing with language, particularly where accents and colloquialisms are concerned. They also produced one of the most terrifying sketches I ever encountered – Pinocchio! I haven’t a clue what the clip actually contained, but the Christmas episode of 1987 was viewed firmly from behind the sofa. I doubt I will ever bring myself to find it.

Such a fan as I was, adoring Ronnie Barker in pretty much everything (Porridge and Open All Hours being personal favourites) I can’t believe I have never seen this clip before. As with some key comedy moments in life, they mean something to people – connections are made and only a single utterance can cause the conspirators to fall into deep hysterics. Friends of ours can communicate using only ‘sign language’ attributed to Hot Fuzz, key phrases from Alan Partridge can floor me in a moment and the below sketch is a borrowed favourite from the lovely Elena.

What amazes me most with this particular brand of word play is just how quickly your ears adapt. It is such a clever, silly sequence. I often wonder how such clever comedy moments come about, how did they evolve and how on earth the writing begins? I certainly would never know where to begin! Enjoy a moment of pure, classic, British comedy – I would be very interested to know how this translates across the various oceans, it could just be us that find it funny!

While I’m at it, you may as well be treated to one of the more famous Ronnies’ sketches, again playing delightfully with our mother tongue.


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