Posted by: Natalie | April 12, 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Weeeeeeeeee! Our summer holiday plans are booked! The idea of a summer holiday this year had completely gone from my mind, the rumble of thought never crossed in contemplation through all the worry about where I am going to be living, what job situation I will suffering and of course if Steve will be stuck elsewhere why I solve these issues. It was only recently that the boy put a spark of idea in my mind and now, today, plans are in place!

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Having spent two weeks last year in the Nevada dessert, we are swapping the bright lights of Vegas for something a little more subtle, although undoubtedly just as fabulous. Firstly a few days indulging in the sights of the Great British seaside in Brighton. I’ve never been, but all those I know who have, Steve included, say I’ll love it. Ice cream in deck chairs on the beach, fish and chips on the pier, quaint little curios and antiquey places to rummage around, a little history, a bag load of culture and colour, and people watching a plenty. Plenty fresh coastal air to blow away the end of the school year, I am sure will be precisely what the Doctor ordered. In fact, I often wished we still lived in the days when you were sent to the coast ‘for your health’; to allow bracing winds and salt water to bring you alive as you watch tiny boats bob over the horizon. Its one of the reasons I love Cornwall so much(different county, I am aware), although I doubt I shall see crashing waves here, more lazy lapping over pebbles – perfect for paddling.

Following this, we are going to spend a few days in London. I have of course been to the capital but only ever as a day or quick weekend trip with a sole errand. So, to have planned in the best part of a week is very exciting for me! There are so many museums and galleries I want to revisit, having been such a very long time since I did, plus I finally have an excuse to see the Natural History Museum! Something I have yearned for since being a child. Add this to potential walks through royal parks, boat trips along the Thames, seeing Christopher Wren’s masterpiece in St. Paul’s Cathedral, theatre shows and catch ups with a couple of friends (and hopefully a day out to Hampton Court Palace to get lost in the maze!) it should be a lovely, leisurely way to finally really see our Capital City.

I can’t wait! And the bonus? We’re going to do it all on the train, no driving for me! But light packing will mean only a couple of thin paper backs will make the short list this summer!



  1. Hooray for the Great British Seaside! I’m off to Brighton on Sunday, but will doubtless end up stuck in the conference centre for three days and not see any of the seaside proper. You’ll definitely love it though – I’m itching to spend my grubby pennies on The Lanes! xx

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