Posted by: Natalie | April 7, 2011

Neat Little Packages

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice but I have been in something of a grump of late. Feeling a lack of direction has really been a stumbling block to the point of having zip inspiration even for simple blog posts. I find that when I sit down to write I have precious little to ‘entertain’ with and often resort to complaining and foisting my trudging on others. I do apologise.

But it is surprising the little things that pull you out of such a mood – no matter how ‘permanent’ it feels. Today it was the post. Combined with the realisation that I only have one-more-get-up before the Easter break begins, the little packages of indulgence which appeared on my doorstep at lunch today gave me a necessary boost and giggle (it also helps that I had close to 10 hours un-interrupted sleep last night! I do need to slumber like a baby at times). Granted, I paid for the four Disney DVDs which were delivered – a little splash out while run a remarkable offer- but that’s not the point. I am all set now for a Toy Story marathon should any other willing participants wish to join! I can also have a good sob at Up one night while Steve’s in Singapore later this month. But before then, we have Hippodrome tickets which also appeared today.


Out on Mogzilla - click for link.

However, the little gem that really made me smile was an edition of Alex Keller’s latest, Rewired, the sequel to Haywired which I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet another Steampunk Fairytale to devour – once I have conquered the currently mammoth task of completing The Blind Assassin, that is! I read the first Keller instalment in something of a flash and was a little gutted that the series second was not ready, but no more waiting required. It has taken first position on the pile, and with some lazy Easter mornings just around the corner, I should hopefully get to it very soon.


So yes, a much more buoyant mood, and all it took was a shiny new book and an injection of Disney. I must remember this combination for future grumbliness!



  1. UP really got me. The first 5 minutes or so is the saddest short story I’ve ever viewed in my life. >.< I'm really glad you're feeling better now. Maybe I can cheer you up more by inviting you to a party?

    I'm having a launch party for my debut e-book, ORDINARY, and you're on my list of favorite bloggers to invite. ^^ I'd love it if you have the time, and I do hope to see you there. The link is

    Hope you can come!

    • Oh my, how lovely of you!! That’s so exciting, and of course I would love to come! Thank you. Couldn’t see anything on your blog (which is looking very chic by the way!) but I shall keep bobbing back to check. Congrats you, very exciting times! Nat x

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