Posted by: Natalie | March 29, 2011



The beautiful Sean Bean

I apologise one and all, there shall not be a decent blog post this evening, in fact there will barely be a blog post at all other than this slight ramble. You see I am otherwise engaged. I have a date with my boy, the TV and Sean Bean. Yes, Sean Bean. You see we have cracked open the DVD box set of Sharpe and I am beginning to relive my teenage crush on the wonderful Yorkshire man, after all we girls like a bit of gruff now and then! I had forgotten just how entertaining these episodes are and just how stunningly dreamy Sean Bean’s Sharpe actually is!


Anyone who doesn’t know the series, they were produced in the 1990’s born from books written by Bernard Cornwell. Set against the Napoleonic wars, Sean Bean plays the hero loved and adored by men and women alike. Its a basic story of poor-boy-done-good as he’s raised through the ranks into officer-hood, something usually unseen of the lowly at this time. It might also have something to do with Napoleon, but to be fair, he’s not really my main concern! Needless to say, Sharpe has his struggles both personal and militarily and we of course need to throw in a pretty girl here and there. It is a wonderful, swash-buckling way to spend an evening – and should help to settle my nightmares with sweet dreams of my rough, northern hero!

Click HERE for a full list of Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novels.



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