Posted by: Natalie | March 18, 2011

Authors for Japan


Earlier this week I attempted to draw your attention to the auction of author goodies to raise money for the catastrophe in Japan. Authors for Japan now appears to have a whopping 180 items up for you lucky, lucky people. I am not so lucky. I thought I would leave my bidding until later in the week, so as to have a real gauge of prices etc. Unfortunately, I appear to not be quite a flush as some of the other bidders. The Philip Reeve book is now double what I could (at an over-stretch) afford. Boo. If you yourself are finding that the generosity of others is putting you out of the running, then do something else.


It might be that you are feeling a little confronted by charity today, particularly in the UK as today is Comic Relief, it may begin to feel like ‘chuggers’ are knocking down your door. But don’t become defensive, don’t hold back because there is so much ‘need’ in the world. If a grand financial donation is not your thing, fine. Just do something small today which will make someone else smile; donate a suitable amount to the charity of your choice, stock up your reading pile at the local charity shop, or even very simply leave a book on the bus for another person to pick up and enjoy. Sometimes, the little, humble things make just as much difference as the big.


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