Posted by: Natalie | March 14, 2011


I am such a sappy old sod at times. It is more than a little pathetic and I am quite embarrassed to admit, but I hate it when Steve has to work away. He is currently on his annual Canadian jaunt which leaves me home alone. I don’t have any real issues with being alone, there are no scary monsters under my bed and no cellar in which axe murderers can hide. I feel quite safe and cosy, with plenty to occupy my time while he is gone – although I am a little upset at having to wait a whole week to watch more Battlestar Galactica. It won’t be long but I don’t like being unable to hear his voice.

At times like this I find myself unable to focus and end up roaming the internet in utterly pointless and bizarre pursuits. Such as dedicating far too many minutes (and dare I say hours) researching IMBD, or playing tracks recently brought to mind via YouTube. It was the latter of these which occupied me Saturday night. Adele is quickly becoming my ‘must-buy’ artist of the moment. It is rare these days that I am so taken by an artist that I buy their album (or make Steve download it) in fact it hardly ever happens. But every track of hers I hear, I adore and want to memorize the moment and the feeling forever. I love Rolling in the Deep, and Someone Like You, and can’t believe the talent and maturity of someone who is (was at the time of writing her second album I think) 21 (hence the name of the album). There is such heart felt emotion which obviously relates to so many people, and I know full well if I was a teenager today I would be absorbing every word, and pining for lost love through her stunningly beautiful, soulful voice. I think I might be a little bit in love!

Which brings me back to my sappiness. One of the very first songs I heard of hers was Make You Feel My Love and watching the below video had my heart aching; aching to hear my boy’s voice, to have him come through the door, to feel his kiss goodnight. Its only a week, and I am not exactly falling apart (sorry Steve!) but there are certain songs which make me feel incredibly loved up, like a sixteen year old girl all over again. See, such a sappy old sod.


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