Posted by: Natalie | March 14, 2011

Authors Auction Goodies for Japan Appeal


The gorgeously wonderful Philip Reeve brought Authors for Japan to my attention this afternoon. A freshly launched blog-site has been created along with a large team of ready and willing book-types, to auction off some exciting items to raise money for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. If you have any desire to write or read or even be IN a book, then you should a browse down the list of items for the auction which begins tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15th) at 8am GMT.

On offer are signed first editions, book swags, cover illustrations (for your own book), personalized artwork, chapter and submission critiques, mentoring for writing at any stage of the book process, mugs, stickers, dedications (in the front of soon to be released books), being immortalized as a character within a soon to be published book, writing group membership, so much and so many exciting opportunities for all. I am personally interested in some of the critiquing, but if I am honest, these I am most excited about . .

.Personally signed set of GREEK BEASTS AND HEROES by Lucy Coats (12 books)


ITEM: Personally signed set of GREEK BEASTS AND HEROES by Lucy Coats (12 books).

BIO: Lucy Coats is the author of more than 25 children’s books, most recently the popular Greek Beasts and Heroes series, and has worked as an editor, journalist and bookseller. She is currently working on a YA fantasy novel and also blogs about writing and mythology.

Lucy lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, two teenagers, three dogs and 10,000 books.  She is addicted to Twitter (@lucycoats), reading, sleeping and cooking with fresh ingredients from her vegetable garden. You can see more about her at

Signed first edition hardback of SCRIVENER’S MOON by Philip Reeve.


ITEM: I’m donating a 1st edition hardback of Scrivener’s Moon, which is the sequel to A Web of Air and Fever Crumb and the latest installment of the Mortal Enginessequence. I’ll sign it and, if the buyer wishes, I can do a drawing on the title page as well.

BIO: Philip Reeve is the author of a number of successful children’s and young adult novels, including the MORTAL ENGINES series and the Carnegie Medal winning HERE LIES ARTHUR. As an illustrator he has supplied illustration for numerous books including Murderous Maths, Urgum the Axe Man, and a few of the Horrible Histories.

Philip blogs at

Completely wonderful!! All you have to do is add a comment to the page you wish to bid on, obviously with your bid amount also. At the close of auction (8pm GMT Sunday 20th March) the comment with the highest bid (in GB £) wins the item. Simple. The winner will be notified by email and asked to donate the correct amount to the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. More items are being added as today goes on, so keep checking back to see if there are any more interesting items to strike your fancy.

In a world where there are constant appeals for a terrific variety of horrific events, this auction I think is genius. It is different, interesting and should do a great, great deal for the terrible situation in Japan.

Have a browse, have a bid and tell all your friends!!



  1. We are speechless concerning Japan and have come to the point where words lack in meaning and strength to express our thoughts and feelings.
    Therefore you can contribute to the ‘Wordless Appeal’ by expressing your thoughts and emotions in any form BUT words. You can use any form of expression – whether
    music or arts – and post it as a video response to this video.

    Those of you who have no YouTube account but have the opportunity to upload a video elsewhere are welcome to send us the link which will be listed in this info box via . It’s important not to use any words and just go straight ahead and improvise if you begin to create.

    Here is the video:

    We hope that this wordless appeal can give Japan our deepest condolences and sympathies.

  2. […] Earlier this week I attempted to draw your attention to the auction of author goodies to raise money for the catastrophe in Japan. Authors for Japan now appears to have a whopping 180 items up for you lucky, lucky people. I am not so lucky. I thought I would leave my bidding until later in the week, so as to have a real gauge of prices etc. Unfortunately, I appear to not be quite a flush as some of the other bidders. The Philip Reeve book is now double what I could (at an over-stretch) afford. Boo. If you yourself are finding that the generosity of others is putting you out of the running, then do something else. CLICK ME […]

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