Posted by: Natalie | February 25, 2011

Done in 60 Seconds 2011

It’s that time of year again when Empire Magazine announce the shortlist for their Jameson sponsored Done in 60 Seconds competition. If you have not come across this before, then have a click through the links and enjoy the twenty, one-minute videos of well known films.

Although none this year are quite as spectacular as the Top Gun entry of 2010 , the 2011 entries are still very entertaining with huge amounts of work being ploughed into them. There are animated and acted contributions from a wide spectrum of film genre which include a slightly cynical version of The Lion King, The Exorcist, Scott Pilgrim and The Social Network. I have been particularly entertained by entries which cross-reference two films such as The Wizard of Oz done in the style of The Usual Suspects and Toy Story characters telling the tale of The Terminator.

Spoil yourself this Friday and procrastinate with twenty minutes of silliness – then vote for your fave. The below may not be my favourite this year, but there were no YouTube steals for The Wizard of Oz, but I this one made me smile – Ghost filmed with teddy bears!! Enjoy.


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