Posted by: Natalie | February 23, 2011

Some Kind Of Hot Tub Time Machine

I can’t believe this slipped my mind! On Valentine’s night, Steve and I had a terribly loved-up evening – we ordered a curry, drank champagne, played Crib and watched the ultimate romantic movie: Hot Tub Time Machine! It was more of an ironic Valentine’s I think. (Click to link with IMDB)

The film is utter trash, but it knows exactly what it is and never pretends to be anything more. As Steve quite rightly said, if I laughed out loud once it was worth setting the disk to play – I laughed more than once, in fact I hardly stopped. It does exactly what it says on the cover, four men climb into a hot tub which, combined with Russian branded energy drinks, becomes a time machine, transporting its cargo back to 1986. Essentially it is a tale of man-love and how their chosen paths from this point separated them as friends. The hot tub has given them opportunity to find their friendship again and alter their futures to one which would bring happiness and security. It is a little naff as plot-lines go, but it is a decent enough one to actually make the ridiculousness of the whole thing viable.

If you are not prepared for juvenile silliness then give it a miss, but if you are in the mood for something light-hearted which refuses to take itself seriously, then please watch. It is so much better than I had anticipated – the trailers don’t really do it justice. And it stars John Cusak – who doesn’t love John Cusak? And if you are still in need of encouragement to have a giggle at some of the remarkably funny dialogue, its a good way to find inspiration for any 80’s themed costume parties!

Its a reflection of our not too distant past and just how much can change in a seemingly short space of time. People and relationships change, but if you can hang tight to those reasons you were friends to begin with, you never know, you just might change your future.



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