Posted by: Natalie | February 4, 2011

The Winds of Change

The wind which has come made me feel like my home was going to come crashing down like a house of cards last night. But not content with making me feel a little restless with its bluster, the wind has brought another type of darkness which has stolen my musical inspiration of yesterday – literally. My Arctic Monkeys CD has been taken. Along with the radio via the smashed driver’s side window.

There is a certain malevolence to this type of wind, there is a threat on the air of unhappier times and of an unknown chaos lurking in its wake. Small incidents which would normally irritate to an extent (or cause a slight outburst of swearing now that my breezy vehicle is completely devoid of musical distraction – quite a drawn out theft, don’t you think?) seem ballooned out of all proportion, and filled with an eerie grey of something more sinister. The simple task of breaking open a cardboard box to fill the windowless gap of my door, caused a deep ‘paper cut’ to the palm of my hand, a gash which bled like no paper cut did before. I boiled the kettle only to find there was no water within, and was further distressed to find that it was not Phil and Holly presenting This Morning but the evil marrieds with their smarm and annoyance. I believe I may be cursed.

The wind is still battering my windows and filling the chimney with the sounds of lost souls, mourning their loss of life. I find myself shuddering in my slipper socks, pulling the blanket a little closer to my chin, desperately wishing I had the courage to switch off all electricity and gas – but I fear what may befall me should I attempt to throw the switch. I shall certainly not be venturing into any dark, unknown place alone after announcing ‘I’ll be back soon’.

Perhaps the winds have changed to bring this curse upon me. Perhaps they are signalling an opportunity to batten down the hatches and save myself from the looming pressure of the outside world. Or perhaps maybe I have read too much about ghosts of late. It has certainly provided a chance to complete Rhiannon Lassiter’s book and pour much needed venting into some of the darker moments of my own work.

Stay safe one and all. Look after yourselves, and each other!



  1. I like the ominous feeling in your post!

    • Heehee, thank you! Its been a rather ominous feeling day, but now made all the better by the lovely man who’s come to fix the window. I am still however expecting a single bolt of lightening to make a direct hit at some point today, its just they way this Friday seems to be going!

      Thank you for the comment!

      Nat x

  2. Sorry to hear your Lyrical Inspriration has been so rudely snatched away! I happen to have a spare copy of that particular album (someone copied it for me then I was bought the real thing), if you would like a replacement?!x

    • Oh how sweet are you?! Thank you, that’s really kind. Fortunately though Steve put all the CDs onto his iTunes so I think it is all safe, just can’t listen to it in the car due to lack of stereo for a while!!

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