Posted by: Natalie | January 25, 2011

Welcome to Ravelry

One for the crafters I’m afraid today, a slight tangent but I sure you won’t mind me sharing the love.

While having my self indulged weekend, I turned to yarn bought for me at Christmas. I have two stunning skeins with which to make two elegant scarves but they both deserve a suitable pattern that would show the shine, shimmer and colour to their best advantage. Everything I have tried thus far just doesn’t seem to provide the Dark Royal Giotto Colinette yarn with the justice it deserves. But now, I think I have it – with a little help from


Click Me

What an utterly genius website! I can see many a dedicated hour to browsing, delving and contributing to this vast community of knitters, purlers and crocheters. It is a complete world of detail, filled with like minded people, passionate and some exceptionally talented. After signing up for free I was able to use their Yarns tab to search for the Colinette skeins I own and then on to patterns I could use for this project.

The site seems to cover every possible yarn and variation known to man. It details weight, possible tensions, needle options, cost, online stores/sellers, you name it, if the information is available, its on there. But not statisfied with providing a catalogue of detail, the site automatically links yarns with patterns and projects listed by other Ravelers.

Some patterns are free and downloadable (or savable to your own online library under the tab ‘my notebook’) others you can buy direct from the owner for a small cost – all prices in US dollars and I assume it will use PayPal or something similar. All manner of things are listed, toys, clothes, accessories, homewares; I suspect this site will keep my needles clicking and imagination ticking for the rest of time!

People who have used patterns are also able to connect their own results to the listing, adding comments, deviations and adaptations for you to peruse. Using your own area, you can add your own projects (completed, ongoing or planned), patterns and pictures as well as list ‘your stash’. Because yes, this is also an online swap-shop come ebay of yarns and needles! Looking for a specific batch number or just one more ball to finish a project? Then you can search the community stash pile – I said this site was genius!

If this wasn’t enough, there are forums and groups and people to browse or follow – a wealth of experience there to help you with any knitting/crocheting query no matter how big or small. The amount of effort and love which has gone into this site is phenomenal, but can only be sustained by people putting into it as much as they glean. I am hugely impressed and a devoted fan already – such a tidy, useful webiste which seems to read your mind as you search through the pages. You can even link to your blog, social networks, etsy stores and a whole load more. Love it!

If you have an email, its free to sign up – at least take the time to have a look. I guarantee you will get lost for much longer than you anticipate!



  1. SQUEE Ravelry. ❤ Best. Site. EVER!!!!!!!!! I remember when I first found it in 2008….ahhh. Back when you had to wait to get approved to join because they only had 2 or 3 people handling the WHOLE site.

    Anyway, congrats on joining Rav!!!

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