Posted by: Natalie | January 21, 2011

Crafting it Up

It feels like a year since I had a weekend of doing precisely as I choose. Illness and socialising have taken away these precious days and although I very much enjoy seeing friends and family, the travelling eventually becomes exhausting. So, I am ready for a full recharge. This weekend, not only do I plan to get in some writing time but also some much needed crafting.

Poor little thing.

After receiving a brilliant knitting book from Dad for Christmas, Little Knitted Creatures (Amigurumi designs) and experimenting with the pattern that created the rather confused little bird pictured, Steve has set me a challenge. He wants an angry bird – yes, from the iPhone app Angry Birds. He wants some red feathered friends to hurl at green pigs – seriously. I like this challenge, it gives me an opportunity to develop my pattern adapting/making skills so that I might be ale to one day knit my own creations.

The iPhone game app, "Angry Birds" where grown adults throw explodable birds at unsuspecting green pigs. I never knew birds had such an issue with these clearly queasy farm animals.

And while I am planning on a knit-fest this weekend, I best organise my needles. Since I taught myself, I have only had to buy a couple of sets of needles, due to the kindness of other knitters. My mum, Grandma and Steve’s Mum al knidly donated their old needles to my cause. But, having only one needles case they now look a bit like this . . .

The shopping bag is just not an option any more. So using some left over fabric from Christmas gifts, I plan to get the sewing machine out and rectify the situation. Cie once made me a fabulous roll-up pencil case and I think, using the same idea, I can make something that will hold my needles neatly and dispense of the need of scraps of wool to tie the pairs together. There may even be a needle cull if anyone is in need of a set.

What is left of the fabric will hopefully provide the cover for a sewing needle book – felt page which can hold my various needles for when I need them, instead of stabbing myself every time I open my sewing box. The fabric initially made book-ends for Erika and I love it so much that I will be using the rest on myself. I adore the owl pattern and the contrast between the turquoise and brown. It is Japanese Kokka fabric which I bought for a very reasonable price from They are based outside the UK but ship world wide.

The lining of my cases will be with some cheap brown corduroy that I bought from Birmingham’s rag market, but it should suffice.

In between all this loveliness I shall endeavour to read the rest of Ghost of a Chance by Rhiannon Lassiter and cook a long over due roast beef dinner, with Yorkshire puddings of course! I am planning on packing a lot into this weekend, but each and all of these activities, for me, are utterly indulgent and relaxing. So lets check the challenges:

  • Make an angry bird,
  • Sew a knitting needle case and sewing needle book,
  • Read a book,
  • Write (some of) a book,
  • Cook a roast dinner,
  • Spend some quality time with the boy.

I shall let you know what I accomplish in due course!



  1. I love the little knitted creature! It’s years since I’ve sewn or knitted – used to do a lot of both. You’ve made me think.

    Don’t work too hard this weekend. Have a good one! 🙂


  2. Hey! I want to make a crochet hook roll! Love the link to the fabric thank you!

  3. did you ever figure out a pattern for knitting angry birds?

    • Hi Lexi,

      Yes I did actually, and keep meaning to get it on I shall do soon and let you know! Thanks for the interest. Nat x

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