Posted by: Natalie | January 18, 2011

Ghost of a Chance

Ok, so I am finally getting back the reading bug. Something has felt hugely absent of late and a hollow feeling had begun to take root. What with illness, Christmas and then more winging about work (and generally petulant teenage tantrums because I can’t get what I want) I have barely picked up a book in weeks.

But last night the gap was filled and a serene sense of calm seems to be coming back to me. Now this could be because future plotting is afoot and plans for my life seem to be altering a little, to my comfort. Or it could be that I also got back knitting last night which I have often thought of as my own personal therapy. It could be because I want to cook again; I found energy, strength and interest in one of my favourite past times which again had been ebbing away. Or it could simply be a matter of personal organisation. It is probably a combination of all these things; a coming back together of all things that make me feel more of a person, more creative and (dare I say it? Yes, yes I do – cheese alert . . .) more alive.

But a good portion of my slightly more relaxed demeanour today has got to be down to bed time reading. I simply cannot recommend it enough, such a tonic for all manner of malady. I did think though that Rhiannon Lassiter’s teen horror Ghost of a Chance might leave me waken to ghosts and unknown shadows. With only a few pages, the sense of something sinister oozes from the pages (if not a little too heavily described in places) and I kept feeling very aware of something lurking on my landing. There was clearly nothing there, but my imagination was set on riot mode, believing my very plain house to be riddled with dead souls and wandering spirits. I was so enlivened by the whole experience of just those first few chapters, that I couldn’t wait to go to sleep just so I could read more today. And boy did I sleep – deep and heavy and right through until my alarm. No delicious ghosty nightmares though.

So, think of me this evening as I attempt to abandon routine and expectation to delve a little further into Rhiannon’s world. I don’t know yet if it will be the greatest book ever written but I shall most certainly enjoy finding out!


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