Posted by: Natalie | January 12, 2011

Going all Frankenstein

Today Plinky asks, “If you could bring one fictional character to life for a day, who would you choose?” How is this question so hard to answer?! Possibly because a) I am hopeless at making any kind of decision and b) where would I possibly begin?

It all depends on my mood and the heavy effects of my current reading genre. I don’t think you would be surprised to know that today’s character choice would be someone Austen-esq, a date with Mr Darcy perhaps, or a jaunt to the local high street with Emma Woodhouse for a spot of people watching. Maybe I could take a turn with Elizabeth Bennett and see for myself her ‘fine eyes’ along with learning the secrets of charisma and graceful beauty.

However, tonight once I have watched the new Harry Potter film, I will probably be wanting to spend some time with the Weasley family; being fussed my Mrs Weasley or watching the marvellous magic the twins have developed. Lots of whiz-bang fun and danger might be just what I need. But no one could miss the opportunity to sit down with Albus Dumbledore and listen to the fascinating tales of wisdom he could bestow.

As ‘Wuthering Heights’ is still my favourite novel, you might think I would wish to breathe life into Cathy and/or Heathcliffe, but frankly the idea terrifies me. I think there would be a little too much madness for one to cope with. All I can see is a day of wild wandering, craving the one lost love I couldn’t hope to rescue; a painful day of hurt and melancholy which I really am not in the mood for. Besides, I wouldn’t trust either character to last just one day. Heathcliffe especially would find some way of living forever and wreak more tumultuous havoc on the unsuspecting females of our species.

We also have this limited edition print hanging at home. Click ME for link.

If I had to pick just one . . . er . . . [struggling] . . . Yes, I think I might choose the BFG from Roald Dahl. I love him. The idea that there is a kindly, Grandpa-like giant, tiptoeing around in the stillness of the night, casting sweet and pleasant dreams on the most vulnerable of children, is such a warm and wonderful one. I would relish the chance to ride in his pocket or sit on his shoulders as he, for once, was able to give some comfort to children in this reality. I’d love to go with him to visit his home and see all the glimmering and glowing orbs upon his shelves and listen to the other Giants snarl and snort. I have often said that when, one day, I have a reason to create a children’s room, I would paint the BFG on one wall, his dream bubbles drifting around the others. Plus I love sleep, if he could send a few more soothing night’s sleep my way, I would be eternally grateful.

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