Posted by: Natalie | December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, merry festiveness to you all! I hope you have each and all been enjoying a pleasant few days in your respective corners of the world. Christmas means so much to so many and celebrated in as wide and varied a manner as possible, it truly is a wonderful time of year. Made even more so for me by having almost a weeks worth of gifts!! Heehee! With the snowy-pre-Christmas weather my birthday somewhat delayed, I received my presents in dribs and drabs up until Christmas eve. Add this to the mountain of gifts my parents still insist on piling my way, I now feel completely over whelmed, and utterly, utterly ruined.

Along with a Wii fit, various games and DVDs, toiletries, bags and baskets, cookware, socks, perfume and a seemingly endless list of things I currently can’t remember, I also got this lovely literary loot:


'The Card Turner' by Louis Sachar; 'Charlotte's Web' HB by E.B. White; Some smashing bookmarks and a Puddle Lane book from my brother. We basically learnt to read at home using Puddle Lane books and I was so unbelievably touched to own one again!

The obligatory Dandy annual; a tradition fulfilled by my Mum every year without fail. Apart from that one sad year she thought me and my brother (who collects Beanos) had "grown out of it". Sale shopping soon rectified that torturous Christmas day!

I GOT MY BAG!!!! Dad bought me the lovely Louisa M. Alcott quote bag with matching notebook. Yey!

Along with my bag, Dad also provided these fabulous mugs which I plan on combining with one of Steve's gifts, proper Lancashire tea! Now, just to find the biscuits . . .


. . . Yep, they'll be in my new snowman biscuit barrel!


These gloves are completely wonderful. Big brother did VERY well here - he termed the typing gloves for when the house gets so cold my wrists go numb. I have barely had them off since Christmas day and they will come in so useful when the writing kicks off again in the new year.

A new shopping bag I plan to use for my knitting stuff and three new knitting books to make little creatures, witches, wizards, pirates and wild animals. Three guesses what everyone’s getting next Christmas?!

And to go into my knitting bag, these utterly gorgeous yarns from Erika which I shall craft into scarves for myself.

What a terribly lucky girl I am.




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