Posted by: Natalie | December 23, 2010

Big Snow!

My street in Birmingham as the snow really began to fall on Saturday.

Ok, so it might not be ‘big’ on the grand scale of things; it certainly isn’t the snow of the Scottish Highlands or Canada’s rockies, but for me, this snow is wonderful. It fell heavily on Saturday, sadly preventing my ‘surprise’ birthday get-together of friends and family. However, despite the disappointment and anti-climax of potential gluhwine indulgences, the snow was possibly the best birthday present of all.

There is something luxurious and comforting about snow, when it is thick and lasting. There is a quietness that seems to have been made just for me, a protective coating of cotton wool that muffles the ugly making everything shimmer and shine. It is special. Beautiful.

Brookvale Park at the end of our road.

Of course it brings about the grumps who complain that it is too cold, too wet, too slippy, can’t get anywhere, blah blah blah bah humbug. However, let’s be fair, these people are probably best avoided throughout the year as it is. But snow does something much more miraculous – it brings about laughter like no other weather can. Children are made of adults as they slip around, voluntarily, on anything they can use as a sledge. Snow balls are thrown at unsuspecting strangers and snowmen begin to frequent gardens and parks. Of course children love this weather, it is a novelty and fascination, but it does seem that when a freeze occurs, it can melt the most solitary and Scrooge-like hearts.

The lake is iced over but the geese have other ideas!

I still haven’t built my snowman, but being north now at Steve’s parents, with only festivness to indulge in, I may succumb to playing in the white stuff before long.

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  1. Looks lovely Nat! Wait ’till you see Rivi though!! 😀 xxx

    • Oh I can’t wait! Think I might go for a trog while I’m home!

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