Posted by: Natalie | December 14, 2010

Bored Now

Ok, enough already. I’m bored of this now. I have been calculating, since initially feeling a little unwell, this is now my fourth week of being utterly rubbish. I am certainly an awful lot better but due to my final work week of the year involving an awful lot of paper work, I am bound back to the bedroom. I felt quite motivated this morning surrounded by papers and folders but the afternoon has vanished once more amongst a sleepy mix of dvds, duvets and dozing. I am trying my hardest to do as I’m told and just rest, the worry is that my body is settling into an unsettling routine of laziness.

I need some fresh air and some spark of inspiration to take me. I am starting to feel dull, blunt and shapeless. And all I seem to be able to write about on here is how ill I’ve been feeling! I’m such a bore. But I am thinking one more day might do it. One more day of lounging and writing reports from bed. One more day of indulgent DVD watching (currently revisiting the marvellous Sally Field in season one of Brothers and Sisters) and overdosing on lucozade. Then a couple of mornings back at work in time for feeling festive. I haven’t even had the energy to put my tree up yet! It is still sat waiting for me to unpack, the baubles still wrapped in their attic box. Maybe tonight.

I think a heavy dose of festive cheer might just be what I need to bring me back to life entirely. Either that or a huge bowl of Ben and Jerry’s!



  1. Oh yum … Ben and Jerry’s. We don’t have that here. But we tried it when we were in the UK a few years ago. It was soooooo good! And believe me – it was expensive for us too (it cost us $2.85 to buy 1 Brittish pound). But so worth it! I LERVE ice cream.

    I hope you start to feel better soon Natalie 🙂

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