Posted by: Natalie | December 1, 2010

Duvet Days

Now, doesn’t that sound lovely?! Days snuggled and snoozy, warm away from the winter winds with hands wrapped tight around a steaming mug of something tasty . . . its what I often long for. Sadly, these past few days have come about not through heavy snow preventing me from leaving the house, nor have they come as a celebration of days in lieu; no, so far this week I have been forced to take some time out due to a virus.

I did attempt to go to work today. I even got into my classroom, booted up the computer and prepared my resources. This was apparently all I could manage. I was suddenly very aware that there was no way I could face the day, not even half of it regardless of how ‘light’ my actual teaching schedule might be. On my way to speak to my line manager, a parent stopped me, “Y’alright bab?” he said with quite some concern. He even wanted to escort me to the school office because he felt it best if I sat down. I assured him I would make it into the infant building, which I did, but not without becoming exceptionally light headed.

Needless to say I was chastised for trying to come into work today, told off for being stubborn and demanded I not attempt it again this week. I even had to be driven home. I don’t think I’m very well! I do feel an awful lot better though for having a long sleep (most of the day in fact) but I think I will let the stubborn work attitude subside and listen to the ladies who so kindly looked after me this morning. I think tomorrow I shall stay in bed.

The funny side to the day? Steve once more left the house without keys/wallet/train ticket. Had it been yesterday there would have been no problem, a quick knock on the door and the problem was solved. But no, my stupid determination meant that I was not in the house. This is not the first time of late Steve has had to display his ineptness to the train attendant and beg a ticket to work! Poor thing. Best he come home now and look after me!


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