Posted by: Natalie | November 23, 2010

Quick Stop

I am one shattered Bunny. The last couple of days have felt not only hugely frustrating but like I haven’t stopped to take breath. Although this is nothing new, I think the lingering cold is attempting to finish me off. By the time I actually sat on the sofa last night the only thing I could muster was the little energy it took to sew up one of my recent knitting projects. This took sooooooo much longer than it should have done!

Half an hour ago I almost succumbed to the duvet and went to sleep, but no, I couldn’t do nothing two nights together. So, a quick walk and a quick blog post will suffice for tonight and then maybe a very early night with my current read, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. Its even more important I get a crack on with this one as Steve has chased me down. In the time it has taken me to read half of this 743 page beast, he has demolished the first two Stieg Larsson books. He is now threatening to read the third when I am sleeping so as to finish the trilogy before me – I am seriously contemplating hiding the book each night! It’s very good by the way, not a clue how it will end.

But as for other things, the Joss Stirling book, Finding Sky. The names went into my newly knitted hat (all three of them!!) and the winner was . . .

Toni, Elisa, is it weird that I feel slightly guilty that I don’t have two more books to send you also?! I can’t promise, but I will have a book rummage in the new year! Helen, I shall get the book to you asap!!

Night all.



  1. Ah, we were the same with the Millenium Trilogy. I was hurrying the hubby to finish each book so that I could read the next one 🙂

    Such a pity that there won’t be any more Larsson books!

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