Posted by: Natalie | November 19, 2010

Free Book!

Just to let you know that today is the last day to put your name in my hat for the Joss Stirling book, Finding Sky. Read the sticky post above for details.

I’ll be at the Frankfurt Christmas Market in town this afternoon, so you may not get a post until tomorrow. Have a happy Friday!



  1. Can you change the winner to me? I am a life winner… In all seriousness, if you have any other free book draws my little sister will snaffle them up! See you soon, have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to our mysterious New Year. Owwwwww! Snizzle my mysterious quizzle.

    • Gregg, I love you, but you are a little weird! How old is your sister now? Because the Joss Stirling book is perfect for teen girls. I will of course give you a heads up on any other teen books I have going.

      See you soon my love, and yes, you are one of life’s winners *cough cough*.


  2. I am not wierd. I am the most normal person in the world. I my world anyway.

    I like beans, snails and red wine. I once let a snail crawl across my tongue for a tenner. I did it twice for £15 for a bargain bucket deal. My Dad even paid up.

    She is 7ish. This means anywhere from 5-8ish. I am not good with ages. When will your book be ready for little people to read? I don’t mean me. I am quite little, but as they say all good things come in small packages.

    Woop. Woop. I am off sick at the moment. Had front teeth taken out. Horrendous. I broke them at a beer festival and damaged the bone in my jaw. Fail. Fail. Fail.

    • we shall leave it open to debate.

      Now, are these the teeth you broke while opening a sauce sachet? The ones you stuck back together with pva? You poor thing. I was convinced that the ingenuity would pay off.

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