Posted by: Natalie | November 10, 2010

Feeling Festive

I don’t know why but right now all I want to do is go Christmas shopping. Its way too early to be feeling these first tingles of the season, but I think something is in the air. Arrangements and dates are currently being booked and made for celebrations with family and friends, Christmas lists are being asked for and the shops are beginning to brim with reds and greens and whites. But normally, this isn’t enough to make me intake a happy breath of seasonal spirit.

Usually the first feeling comes on a dark, wet evening as I dash into a store playing those well-known December tunes. The first sound of Slade or sleigh bells jingling along on a track will undoubtedly send the satisfying shiver down my spine, that fun and frolics are on their way. But no music as of yet so this cannot be the reason behind my sudden need to deck the halls. Perhaps it is because I am on count down from work, wishing away the days until all time once more belongs to me. Or perhaps it is because I have been filling my evenings knitting mini Christmas stockings for the tree. It could have something to do with the first taste of mulled cider at weekend, making me yearn for the Christmas Market’s Glühwein. There is every possibility that my attempts to not spend money recently have begun to spiral into a need that can only be satisfied by buying, so birthday’s and Christmas around the corner provide a convenient excuse!

Or it could be the old weather again. Clear blue skies with a breathless cold have seen me wrapped up at all hours of day and night. Old houses might be beautiful and full of character, but damn they can be cold! We have been able to curl on our sofa with the fire burning, hands wrapped around mugs of something warm and tasty, feeling the glow of warmth while the outside blusters and freezes. Dark nights (yes, I know they are all dark, but winter ones are of a certain depth) make me want so much for this coziness; a coziness that makes me think of home and coal fires and hot buttery toast; a coziness that makes me think of Christmas.

As soon as this feeling creeps in, it excites me. It makes me want to go out and buy all manner of thoughtful and personal things for those I love. It makes me want to dust down the attic boxes of decorations and dig through the memories collected within. It is only the beginning of November and already I feel full of cheer – it may only be fleeting, it may be something that continues to grow and irritate all around me by the time December actually arrives. I am sorry to concern you all that the countdown to the big day is on, but I can’t help it. Christmas is a light of happiness, warmth and love in the darkest and dampest of times. I think it is an occasion that allows for early preparation and premature giddiness. I am clearly not religious but I don’t think this need be an issue, it is just a signal of how much my family mean to me and the importance of the reason to be together. I think this is a good enough reason for feeling festive, but I am sorry if you think it’s too soon!



  1. It’s never too soon to get in the Christmas spririt! And I’m not biased in any way, despite my birthday being exactly a week before. ;p

  2. How different Christmas is in our respective parts of the world. Here it’s Summer so it’s a naturally festive and happy time of year (beaches, holidays, sunshine). Yet in your part of the world Christmas is probably a cause of cheer during the cold season.

    I am loving the way following blogs is helping broaden my experience of the seasons and their temporary / changing nature.

    • I find it fascinating – I can’t even begin to imagine a warm christmas day! We might not always get snow (usually comes to us in February time) but there is something extra magical about the cold weather on Christmas morning. My older brother still gets grumpy if we have a mild Christmas – I think he would prefer to be waist high in the white stuff!! You will have to send some pics of summer festivities – tell me, does Santa wear board shorts over there?! Nxxx

  3. i start getting in the holiday mood in late october, as that’s when the octet of which i am a part begins our rehearsals for two christmas shows we perform annually. (this is our 5th year.) it’s a great reason (excuse?) for those of us who love the holidays to shift gears and indulge in pre-christmas activities. and as a knitter, i have to start thinking of christmas knitting (as presents) in the heat of spring/summer, if i plan to go that route.

    all this to say that i believe it’s *never* too early to get in the christmas frame of mind.

    fa la la la la la, la la la la!

    • Oh how lovely, it must be fantastic to perform and put everyone in such a cheery mood! I’ve been on the knitting run up to Christmas too! Think I started a little late though, not sure I will fit in all my knitting and sewing projects before Christmas! eeek!

      Have fun! and have a pre-christmas mince pie for me!


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