Posted by: Natalie | October 27, 2010

Going to the Big Smoke

I am incredibly excited as I write this – by the time you read this post, I shall no longer be here. I will be on a train to London to attend my first ever book event! The lovely people at Oxford University Press have invited myself and other bloggers to a pre-halloween book event for their current list of dark-teen-fiction; primarily Finding Sky by Joss Stirling, launched this month, but also with readings from William Hussey’s January 2011 sequel, Witchfinder: Gallows at Twilight and Rhiannon Lassiter’s Ghost of a Chance, also out in January.

I am so buzzed about it – it is quite a while since I have been to London, and I have never been alone! The thought of being in a room full of people I don’t know (as well as the idea of catching a train home, alone and in the dark) near terrifies me. I may be on my way to 30 but I feel so much like an eight year old girl, wringing her anxious hands but with a giddy grin on her face. Every time I think about having to ‘present’ myself to strangers a knot doubles and screams in my stomach, but I would not miss this opportunity for any amount of hot, panicky sweats!

Just to be in the presence of people who have ‘made it’, who have their books on shelves in libraries and bookshops, to talk with like-minded ‘writers’ (term loosely used as I can’t really count myself as such until I actually get paid for something I write) and people with similar aspirations will be tremendous. I am so very looking forward to it, but shaking as I do!

So, while I am out gallivanting, please click through the images below to read my reviews of Finding Sky and the first of the Witchfinder series, Dawn of the Demontide.










  1. Have fun! I love being in London on my own. I mean, I enjoy being there with friends too but I really enjoy getting lost in the crowd and not knowing anyone, and being free to wander as I feel like it. And I’m sure those strangers will find you charming, as you are x

  2. Hey Natalie, lovely to meet you today! Sorry we didn’t have time to chat more but I’ll look forward to getting to know you better & hopefully seeing you again soon at another event :o)

  3. I meant to say in my last comment – I hope you had a safe trip home!!

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