Posted by: Natalie | October 26, 2010

The Girls

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday (and potentially a little hit and miss until Thursday – busy old week for a half term!) but I had far more pressing matters! The girls are in residence!

It has been far too long since I actually got to spend some time with both Caroline and Elena, but yesterday both descended and graced me with their presence. Now, we don’t often get together as SuperGirl, Clobberella and the Wicked Witch of the West, but like all good super heroes (or villains) we spent many hours yesterday setting the world to rights.

I felt a little sorry for Steve having to compete with three girls, not so much gossiping, but catching up on months of missed information and recent revelations. We talked pretty much solidly from around lunch time to 2.30 this morning when I fear it was the cold of my house that finally defeated us. I have been awake since Steve left for work and once the sleeping beauties rise, we shall breakfast (maybe brunch) and head into town for a little retail therapy. Long lost coats, shoes and bookshops are on the list (guess which I am eager for?) as well as a little lunch, and without doubt more conversation.

It is wonderful to see the girls and perfect timing as they can help me decide on a suitably presentable outfit for Wednesday night’s book event in London – more on that later!

Have a happy Tuesday, and I’ll be back with you soon.



  1. While husbands and boyfriends are wonderful in so many ways, I don’t think anything can beat the gossip and company of your ladies. Everyone should have at least one 🙂

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! In my experience, women need girl friends to hang out with and have a great time with. And, as a guy, I’m always happy to vacate the premises to allow this to occur *big friendly grin*

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