Posted by: Natalie | October 22, 2010

Winter Reading List

Today, Plinky asks which books are on my winter reading list. As the pile hasn’t reduced by much recently, there is still a long list of books waiting for me to open them. This weekend I should hopefully finish Mr Hussey’s masterpiece Witchfinder: Gallows at Twilight (Hooray! A book review will be on it’s way!) allowing me to ponder my next read.

Some time ago I wrote a post about Mary Hooper and her historical fiction range. I read Newes From the Dead back in August and found her work something I could get along with quite happily. Her most recent contribution to the world of books is Fallen Grace, which currently tops my pile and will indeed be my next read. I was planning on waiting a little while to acquire this book second hand, which I have done but with amazing results. A very lovely lady presented me with a now fairly old proof copy, but one which is signed! Yet another book never to be recycled!

I also have At The Sign of the Sugared Plum on my ‘to read’ list, also by Mary Hooper and I suspect that will not be too far behind.

These last few months have seen me focus quite heavily on ‘teen’ fiction and although this has been wonderful, I suspect Steig Larsson’s final instalment, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, will bring me falling back into a round of adult fiction. Thinking about the time allowed at the moment for reading, I may not get through a huge number before the start of the new year, but I would also like to begin my Pratchett life. However, I am not so sure from where to start, Small Gods and ‘anything with Death in it’ have been suggested to me, but I suspect, closer to the time, I will be calling out to readers for their advice on where to start.

So, these are the ‘planned’ books for the next few weeks, unless I detour into a bookshop some time soon. Or, obviously if I change my mind! Lingering just outside the immediate list are books by Christopher Brookmyer (Country of the Blind) one of my Du Maurier selection and Mark Haddon’s A Spot of Bother. But I could also be sorely tempted into a little classic fiction with Emma or Jane Eyre, I have watched adaptations so often that I feel I should rectify these missing chapters of my personal library. Too many options, too many wonderful books to taste . . . and so little time!

What’s on your winter reading list?



  1. A list? Oh, my, it never occurred to me to make a list. I have an amorphous pile (on a shelf right now, but still everchanging in content and size… usually growing) in my bedroom, plus boxes of unread books in my “office”. And in the morning I’m going to the bookstore with my son, so who knows what will join the pile. Plus a friend at work is supposed to bring me at least one other (a frequent occurrence, as we all enable one another’s book addictions there). As you can see in my profile on (find me under Toni Finley), I am currently reading Running Scared by Elizabeth Lowell. It’s book 2 in a series of 4. I have books 3 and 4 standing by and after that, it’s anyone’s guess!

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