Posted by: Natalie | October 5, 2010

Picture Books

A regular reader, and author of the incredibly heart warming Living As Herby, has inspired today’s post. No, it is not a poignant and thoughtful post such as his Journal shares (sorry Herb’, just can’t match your wonderful words) but one about picture books!

Recently I wrote a post about Melanie Watt’s Scaredy Squirrel and a comment from Herby had me waffling away at the poor man. I have my own personal favourites in the age 5+ range, mainly because as an adult I can appreciate their beauty and humour, which I will share below. But, I would like you kind readers to join in today, if you will. What books would you choose to share with young children? I say ‘share’ because I think children are often a convenient excuse for us to own these beauties ourselves!

I have tried to avoid listing books I always mention and go for a little more variety . . .

The Gruffalo Pop Up Theatre Book; The story, the script, a full blown stage and puppets, all tied together in a stunning hard back. What more could you ever want?! Gorgeous.

Albert Le Blanc. Just one of the truly beautiful books by Nick Butterworth. This is possibly my favourite of his due to the melancholy of this lovely bear. I especially love the moment when bright red lipstick is used to give the gentle fella a smile.

Sam McBratney's Guess How Much I Love You. Possibly a little too twee for some, but I think the right amount of sentiment and sweetness to make this book utterly adorable.

How To Live Forever by Colin Thompson. A stunning book telling the tale of a missing tome that threatens to tell the secret to eternal life. Join Peter as he clambers from his cookbook through the library's shelves in search of this infamous book. Possibly better suited to children a little older but so worth a look.

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. All her books are truly magical and this is no exception. Alex Scheffler's illustrations set the rhythmic words into their fairytale setting with such skill, they near take your breath away. Heart warming and fun, a definite must!



  1. You are too sweet Natalie 🙂

    I have forwarded a link to this page to my wife because she is trying to think up Christmas presents for our grandkids. And to my sisters who both have kids.

    I love the look of Gruffalo! And of course, being very sentimental, I will have to encourage the purchase of Guess How Much I Love You. Actually, I might just be buying that for my eldest grand daughter 😉

  2. Hairy Maclary’s Bone – Lynley Dodd;
    There’s a Hippopotamus on my roof eating cake – Hazel Edwards;
    Anything by Mem Fox

    My mum can still tell the story of Hairy Maclary’s Bone without needing the words in front of her – and I am starting to get to be the same!


    • HAIRY MACLARY!!!! Of course! How did I ever manage to forget – love it. So much fun. Don’t know the hippo one, but I suspect I will invest in it soon – adore anything hippo based.

      Thanks for the reminder and tips Suzie,

      Nat x

  3. Hi Natalie, stumbled on to your blog via your friend Caroline’s blog, which I stumbled onto via my friend’s blog! Very interested by your writings – I can relate to the issues of writer’s block, though what I try to write is dry academic texts, not fiction. I’m a historian, though, so very interested in your project.

    Anyway, as the mum of a 2-year old, I was also going to suggest the Hairy Maclary and Scarface Claw series, but someone has beaten me to it! All of Julia Donaldson and Axel Schleffer’s books – we haven’t got Stick man yet, but Room on the Broom is a favourite. And do you know Good Night, Moon? I think the author is Margaret Clement Brown or Brown Clement, something like that – anyway, it’s a lovely, soothing bedtime story.


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