Posted by: Natalie | October 4, 2010

Weekend Wedding

Yet another Monday and yet more self-indulged photos to share with you. What can I say? I like sharing my life with you! Hopefully my weekends will be a little quieter for a couple of weeks and I can get some heavy duty writing in – and penny saving as I am starting to think a new car might have to be on the cards (now completely spoiled by the fancy Fiesta I have been provided with courtesy of insurers).

Saturday was my cousin Louise’s wedding, so I had the opportunity to wear a posh frock and spend some quality time with my family. Considering the torrential rain we had during the week, it was wonderful to be able to spend a day in October outdoors and still feel summery. It was also fantastic to return to an old haunt. The wedding was held at Rivington Hall Barn where once upon a time I was lucky enough to work as a waitress.

My photos don't really do justice, so click the link above for a real look!


It was such a lovely day, and much fun (and wine) was had, I believe, by all! The food was amazing (Roast beef and Yorkshire puds! Nyom!! Happy Nat) and not a thing could be faulted. Apart from maybe the fact that my 29 year old boy was overly distracted by the giant connect four!

Pimms, straws and connect four. A natural combination.

I have to say, I am still suffering a little, mainly from a lack of sleep and bruised toes from a long day dancing in heels. It would seem I have reached that late twenties age when recovery time from a late night has doubled! But, it was so very worth it! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Parkin, and a massive thank you for a wonderful day.

I think the actual children were hogging the connect four at this point!

Me and my Mum.



  1. Natalie, I’m jealous!!! Not only did you have the weather we did not have (as it poured and blowed and made for not wishing to go outside), you went to a beautiful place for a wedding reception! That place is gorgeous! Looks like you had fun+… by the way, your Mum, is where you get your looks from! ;-)) Denise

    • Mum will be so pleased with this comment!! Rivington Barn (where the wedding was held) is only a couple of miles from where I grew up and I have spent many a happy hour playing/working there. Well worth a visit if you ever venture to that part of the world.

  2. Nat, you look GORGEOUS in these photos, especially that one of you and your mum. I’m also experiencing severe dress envy, is that a Vivien of Holloway? x

    • Aw thank you chick! I did feel very pretty – not something I usually accomplish with ease. I bought the dress from ebay, Sarahmdesigns . . . then borrowed Caroline’s net skirt!


  3. Looks like you had a great weekend. I’m 2 years older than your bloke and I too would have been playing with the giant Connect 4 šŸ˜€

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