Posted by: Natalie | October 1, 2010

My Very First Award

Yey! I have been given this award by two very lovely ladies; Kate at All Five Horizons and Caroline at Second Hand Shopper. Of course it is brilliant that people out there seem to enjoy reading my blog (although, I suspect there may be a little bias where these two are concerned) and I am very grateful for my award. But I do have to admit that I didn’t really understand the concept (sometimes my shine’s a little dim). I appears to be a little like a chain-letter, but a nice one. I used to ignore chain letters when I was young because I found them a little intimidating, but I like this idea of spreading the love.

Kate, Cie of course I think you should both have blogging awards in abundance, but it may be a little pointless to send this back. I have also tried not to duplicate any others you have tagged. I am assuming that’s not going to cause some kind of black magic to occur – do I need to spin on the spot and chant the devil’s name to counteract anything? Need to check these things out.

But as with anything there are rules to follow:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award;
  2. Share 7 things about yourself;
  3. Pass the award to 15 blogs you enjoy and let them know they’ve been given the award.

So here goes.

Seven things about me (that hopefully you didn’t already know) . . .

  1. I love rhubarb. Not cooked or pied, but picked straight from the garden and dipped directly in the sugar pot (whilst sitting on the kitchen work top – very important). There is something fantastic about eating this sweet and sour lip purser.
  2. It is thought I am a little Dyslexic. I have always struggled to read accurately and at pace until a couple of years ago when an optician really quizzed me about my vision. She suggested I might be and prescribed lenses for someone who is. According to various official surveys it is highly likely, but the cost of actual diagnosis prevents me from finding out. However, the tinted lenses are incredible and do the job just fine.
  3. I would like to own a Beagle called Eric or four cats named after characters from Alias (Milo, Marshal, Dixon and Bristow!)
  4. I’d like to see the Northern Lights and a midnight sun (cheekily squeezed two in one). I have seen some truly amazing sights but I seriously think these two would take the biscuit.
  5. My favourite job ever was working as a waitress. I had so much fun and it found for me the confidence I lost through high school. The ‘posh’ wedding blouses however, I could leave.
  6. When I was born my Grandma had never heard of my name before, so told her Mother’s Union friends I was called Nutella.
  7. I would like to experience a Victorian Christmas. Not so much the child beating and poverty, but the velvet capes and horse drawn carriages in the snow. Carols sung around a giant Christmas tree while chestnuts and all yummy things roast near by. All terribly romantic and fairytale.

So that’s my link made in this awarding chain mail. So now, for my victims! I am passing on this award and sharing the love to the following fantastic bloggers (I promise only good things will happen, even if you don’t send this on. But be wary, I read somewhere that true love or happiness often depends on the completion of similar chain letters!)

And the award goes to . . .

Living as Herby

Squeezegut Alley

Girl on the Contrary

Elemental Grace

Little Cotton Rabbits

Adventures in Writing

Where’s My Pencil

Gin and Compost

Mad Yankee

Book Babblers

Footprints in the Sand

Mightier Than The Sword

dld self narration

Becky Levine

The Solitary Bee

(Mr Reeve, I do not anticipate this to be followed up, but felt the need to award you for your wonderful site and point more people in your direction!)

This list is by no means exhaustive, click through my blogroll to find other worthy writers. Please do not feel offended if I have not included you – its quite hard to pick a list! Feel free to pass on the award to other blogs and see just how difficult it is!



  1. Congratulations, Natalie!!!
    Woo-woo!!! Woo-woo!
    That sounds too much like a train… hehe,
    It’s a nice feeling when you hear things likt this, it tells you that you aren’t only talking to & amusing yourself!!!
    Go with the flow you feel from this, you could use a good dose of You, apart from school… life! ;-))

  2. Nat, I do love reading your blog, but could you please, in future, refrain from bringing back memories, nay, nightmares, of those god awful wedding blouses! 😉 x

    • Heeheehee!! I think the bright orange/red ones were my favourite! For all non-Rivington-Barn wearers, just think of something nylon with puffy sleeves and you are a little way to understanding what Helen and I suffered!

      Will be there tomorrow actually, cousin Louise is getting married there. Will be lovely to say hello to the old place.

      Hope you well chicky!


  3. Those were the pensioner’s ones weren’t they? I always loved the weddings (minus the blouses), it always looked so pretty! The place has a real romantic feel about it when it’s done up for a wedding!

    Hope you (and the happy couple, obviously) have a lovely time and the weather picks up – sorry but it’s absolutely chucking it down oop North at the moment! My feet are soaked!

    I’m ok, lots going on at the moment but I won’t bore you (or your readers) with them on here, apart from to say this year’s been a tough ‘un!!

    P.S. Andrew’s house looks lovely! Especially the kitchen!! I’ve already attempted to draft him in to taking over your mum’s old role as cat-sitter, no payment obviously but the possibility of a new ‘sleep blanket’. 😉


  4. Oh no, I see I have been enlisted. I always thought (hoped) this was more of a one sided relationship, lol. Oh well, so much for flying under the radar.

    Anyway, thank you for thinking of me. I did blush a little when I saw my blog…I really wasn’t expecting to see my name.

    • Heehee! Sorry, no – I may be useless at leaving comments, but your blog is often one of the first I click to on my blog-reading days! I love it!! Nxxx

  5. Oh no, I too have been enlisted 🙂 And on a day when I’m having writer’s block *LOL* .

    I certainly wasn’t expecting to see my blog there either. But I’ll take up the challenge. Might just bust open my writer’s block to play along.

    Come have a look sometime in the next 24 hours to see my 7 things and my 15 fave blogs. 🙂

    Though the list will only include 14 because yours is right up the top of my list 🙂

    • PS: I am now subscribing to the 15 blogs you awarded because they are all great. Thank you 🙂

      • Aw, you are too sweet!! I love your blog and although I am a hopeless commenter, it is so interesting and personal. Takes real guts to put it all out there. You and your words are such a motivating and moving influence – I just thought I should say.


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