Posted by: Natalie | September 30, 2010

Chicken Soup

There is something so soothing about hot chicken soup and chunky bread. I’m not sure why, but it definitely seems to fix me. It did today anyway.

I did think my little car OK. That was until I drove over the five million speed bumps on the way to work. The unhappy little Fiesta made a sickeningly crunchy thunk every time it was not driving on a flat surface. It was horrible. I felt like I was torturing it. On a closer, and calmer, daylight inspection I discovered a wonky bumper and a dubious looking wheel arch. Obviously in yesterday’s state I just had not noticed – I was too busy looking for scratches.

I did a little bit of negotiating with the lovely ladies for whom I work as a tutor and gently got home. It was hardly fun. Although when driving straight there appeared to be no real issue, I was incredibly jumpy at pretty much everything. Hence needing the chicken soup once home.

But once again, Aviva were brilliant! Tomorrow I have some lovely men coming to collect my broken car and a walk to the local Enterprise to pick up a rental car. It may have taken a good couple of hours on the phone, but both companies couldn’t be more helpful. So now I can safely travel north this weekend for my cousin’s wedding and not fret that a wheel will suddenly spin ff half way up the M6. I thank the power of that lovely chicken soup!


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