Posted by: Natalie | September 29, 2010


You know those mornings when you feel something looming, a warning which suggests you should stay in bed? When, bleary eyed, I finally woke to the rain battering my window, I knew today would be such a day.

The fact that I had not slept well last night meant that my brain casually ignored my alarm when it went off the four or so times I require (I also have TWO different alarms as I always panic about not waking on time). When the realisation of Wednesday morning sank in, I jumped out of bed to land bare footed on an up turned plug. The hot water for some reason had not clicked on so my shower was cold and the new morning darkness meant I began the day with an inside-out jumper. I kid you not.

I arrived later than intended to school, which meant I was flapping around like the proverbial fly (or other deranged winged things) trying to complete the pre-teaching tasks. I was aware of my 11am meeting for which I had to download some files, so then spent more than the allotted time trying desperately to open said files. Four computers later, still no meeting documents and one very disorganised Miss Crawford.

The one to one tutoring went well (thankfully, did not manage to break/loose/dissolve any children) but due to the paper load, I could only accomplish two sittings before my meeting at a neighbouring school. Even though only a couple of minutes drive away, I was still late for the meeting after trying desperately to complete everything I needed before leaving the classroom (the giant bag of folders now sat next to me on the sofa signals my failure in this). With rather muddy feet (yes, I stepped out of the car into a puddle) I made my way to Carole’s classroom and successfully managed to get through the meeting without any further damage.

The smile beginning to settle by lunch time made me feel that my chaotic day might be over, that the afternoon would bring calm and creativity. Oh, how one could be so wrong!

I was a quarter mile (if that) from the house. I had just pulled off the main road onto one which would lead me home and away from the still battering, blustering rain. I had barely brought my car out of second gear when I noticed a people carrier paused at the entrance to a car park. Before I knew what was going on, the blue monster accelerated out, into on coming traffic and into the side of my little green car! No amount of breaking or swerving was going to prevent my little Fiesta from being hit, but I did try. All manner of words sprang to my head to colour the word ‘idiot’. But so quickly anger was replaced with shaking like I had never encountered before. Nor could I prevent the tears from pouring as I exchanged details with the people carrier’s driver.

My little tank had faired better than hers (some minor denting that can be easily beaten away I suspect) but we both stood together sobbing away in the rain and shaking profusely. What made it worse was, the other driver was a rather pregnant lady and not only was she feeling awful for hitting me, was terrified that some more serious damage could have been caused. As the car park she was leaving was her place of work, I insisted she went back in, sat down and call whoever she needed to make sure all was ok with her.

Eventually I returned home and promptly phoned Steve and blubbed at him for a good few minutes, still shaking. After a strong cup of tea (sorry ladies who suggested it but I really couldn’t bring myself to add sugar!) I managed to phone my insurance and organise for a restorer to come an beat out the dent (highly recommend Aviva, so quick I couldn’t believe it). But I ended up feeling rather guilty as it will be yet another worry for the already badly shaken pregnant lady. I do hope she is ok.

So, I am safely installed on the sofa with more tea and two blankets wrapped around me – I think this is more to do with the temperature of my house though than anything else. I have a pile of work to get through before I can even contemplate writing, but I am determined to get something done. I figure staying put here will vastly reduce any further risk to my life today, as long as this laptop doesn’t decide to electrocute me.

Early night me thinks tonight. And hope tomorrow will be a brighter day!



  1. Just randomly found your blog – this sounds terrible but for me, this would be a Thursdays. If a Thursday ever finds a way to assault me, it does.

  2. Awww dude. Crappy day! If it helps, I reversed into a pregnant lady’s car at the village shop once (stupid bint saw my reverse lights, but didn’t stop coming out from behind another car in the car park) – I don’t think I’ve ever been so apologetic and felt so terrible. Rest assured, she’ll be absolutely fine, and I hope you are too. Muchos, muchos hugs xxxx

  3. What a shocker! I hope you manage to get through that pile of work quickly so that you can have a well-deserved rest.

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