Posted by: Natalie | September 28, 2010

Beans and Biscuits

I am finally feeling like this work-life-writing balance might be something I can achieve. Last night I sat, desperately trying to write/edit/create and accomplishing nothing. Instead, I abandoned ship and went to bed with William Hussey’s new book and a cup of tea. Instantly falling headlong into Gallows at Twilight I was gripped, entertained and most importantly, inspired. Fifty pages in I had to put the book down (sorry Mr Hussey) to look back at what I had been struggling with all night. Although I still did not put pen to paper, I could see through the loops that had been threatening to hang my work out to dry.

But frustration loomed again this morning as I sat in heavy traffic with colleagues. I was doomed to spend a day training in Coventry on a course which was having no direct impact on my life other than to make it complicated and annoying. I expected to leave miserable and depressed as I did last week. Instead, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day! The course content was interesting and my two colleagues kept me upbeat and entertained. The cakes and biscuits through the day undoubtedly helped, but it was the thorough analysing of our working rolls (myself and my driving companions) that made me focus and remember the excitement of the night before.

So, sugar and caffeine fuelled, I have returned home full of beans and dare I say even a little refreshed. I still think the vast amount of work I have to undertake is fairly pointless, but it has been put in its place. I have come home not wanting to curl up and sleep/cry but itching to write and edit and find that love again for my work. This has been spurred on even further after receiving the most wonderful email from Mr Philip Reeve who kindly bestowed his writing wisdom my way. (Is this really my world? Being directly inspired by two real authors in 24 hours?!)

Lets hope I can weave a little magic and rattle off a best seller this evening! No closer to actually writing my synopsis or other submission materials but at least I no longer want to bin the whole lot. Thank you to all for your words of encouragement recently, you don’t know how much they help.



  1. I’ll gladly motivate you, but I do so with an alterior motive… it helps me, too! It’s not that misery loves company, it’s more like if good comes to you, then good shall come my way also! I think someone forgot to tell us that writing can be a very lonely job and one with questions of doubt ever-present! When the time is right and the planets are all aligned, we’ll be at the ready, Natalie! :-))

  2. I hope you manage to get some creativity flowing tonight. I know how you are feeling Natalie. I am struggling with the balance atmos – my job requires me to write creatively and then I try to do it at night too 😉

    Just trying to write a speech for ToastMasters tonight. I probably should have started weeks ago but nothing like the last minute 😉

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