Posted by: Natalie | September 27, 2010

Molls and Gangsters

Pretty Caroline!

Saturday night was party night. University friends descended on Birmingham to celebrate Cie‘s 30th Birthday. The birthday girl had set a theme of Gangsters and Molls to allow a wide spectrum of option; anything from Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. But as our girl is a fan of all things vintage, all lads and lasses aimed for suitably traditional attire.

It was such a fantastic night, everyone made such an effort not only to get there but to look absolutely amazing. It was a real testament to just how much Cie is thought of as some people practically moved hell and high water to be a part of the fun. And, oh wasn’t it wonderful to see everyone.

With life getting in the way, the Lancaster University contingent don’t often get the opportunity to all get together. At one point in the evening I sat back and watched the dancing and chatting going on, of friends of 10years (plus for some) catching up on their news and lives, slipping back into those old familiar routines and relationships, laughing and singing and smiling. It brought goosebumps to my skin and an almost breathless tear to my eye. It made me realise that, although unable to get together often, I am a part of something very special. I have a group of friends who genuinely think an awful lot of one another. And the best part? Caroline’s party marks what is bound to be the first of many 30th celebrations over the next couple of years (thank fully I have another fifteen months until mine!) so with luck, lots of opportunity to see the lovely people below (tried not to put too many pics on!)

For any of you reading, I love you all lots, you mean so very much to me.

Me before the wine did flow.

(From left to right) My Steve with a very 'Deadwood' tash, Craig and Lewis

Laura (blue dress) and Erin (in red) attempting to Charleston!

(left to right) Laura, Ellie, Simon and Euan

Me and Christie

Mikey and the lovely Jen

Steve and Rob

The girls

The Boys

Me and my boy



  1. It looked like a great party – such a shame I couldn’t make it. You looked gorgeous! xxx

    • I was so sad you couldn’t make it my dear, but it just gives us another excuse to get together in posh frocks in the future!!

      Hope you are well,

      Nat xxx

  2. I had the most amazing night, and am still a bit tearful now, feeling so overwhelmingly grateful to everyone for being there. I felt/feel truly loved!

    And my favourite bit was definitely the acapella rendition of Sweet Caroline! 😀 xxx

    • I’m so glad you had fun! It was fabulous!! one of my favourite bits was the journey home – the taxi driver was so entertained by us that he forgot to put on the meter and only charged us £5!!!! Bargain!

  3. […] I know you’re dying to read about the weekend and my amazing party, but you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of my outfit, and feel free to satisfy your curiosity over at Nat’s blog, The Writer Side of Life. […]

  4. Looks like it was an AWESOME night!

    And don’t worry – turning 30 is fabulous. I did it just over 12 months ago and love calling myself a 30-something. It has a myserious adult air to it. And best thing is, you don’t have to act like an adult for people to think you might just be one 😉 . So you can keep having all the fun you are now 😀

    • Oh it really was! Everyone scrubbed up so well, and it was wonderful to catch up. Made me a little teary in fact.

      And this weekend I get to go home and see my family! Yeyyyyy! My cousin gets married on Saturday so a suitable reason for celebration me thinks (and have some of Mum’s cooking)!

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