Posted by: Natalie | September 23, 2010

Can’t stop . . .

Just a quick note as I seem unable to leave a blank day – it would be like not saying hello to someone I see everyday! The world is in a much clearer perspective today but I currently have no time to jump on it! As it is the lovely Cie’s birthday party this weekend (with fancy dress theme) I have bits of costume still to sew and a house to make habitable for guests. Both look insurmountable at the moment! Does anyone available to come build a kitchen drawer?!

Thank you for the lovely comments received yesterday, and Herby, I shall reply to that and your email in due course (I know I don’t need to, but I like to!!) You all helped so much to put things back in place. I am ever so grateful. Thank you.



  1. Oh you sew too 🙂 And you can’t go a day without posting either … Oh the similarities are endless 😀 Isn’t the interweb amazing in that regard 🙂 🙂

    Enjoy the party 😀

    • Hee! The internet is indeed a strange and wonderful little thing! I do enjoy sewing, but I am not very good. I have the ideas but not the patience. My mum used to make wedding dresses and the like (she has her own alterations business now, much less stress than suffering petulant brides!) but sadly I appear to have inherited few of her many talents. But I can get by, at least enough to make accessory bits and pieces but not sure I could manage a whole outfit.

      Knitting is my current thing. I taught myself over the last year and although I can still only make simple-ish things, I think I am progressing nicely. Any time you need a hat, gloves or scarf making – I’m your gal!

      Have a lovely weekend Herby, I’ll have some photos from the party on Monday!


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