Posted by: Natalie | September 20, 2010

Family Fun and Classroom Colds

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Mine, despite a real heavy dose of head cold (thank you small child with sneeze covered hands) was rather therapeutic.

Firstly I had a much needed jaunt home. It was my cousin Louise’s Hen party on Friday night so I took the M6 ‘Oooop’ North for a flying visit. Take That may not have ever been a band high on my ‘must listen to’ list, but the tribute act, Re:Take That were good entertainment for a group of girls being a little bit silly!

Gillie and Erika enjoying the synchronised dancing a little too much!

Despite my apparent disinterest, It would seem I knew enough words to sing along at least ironically!

It was wonderful to see my Mum and aunts and cousins, a healthy dose of Northernness to get me through another couple of weeks. But the raging cold cut my trip short as all I wanted was my own bed and my boy to fetch me hot drinks and peeled grapes. The grapes were sadly absent but tea has flowed like water!

So Sunday was an exceptionally lazy day. Unable to sleep beyond 6.30 am at the moment (no idea what my body clock is playing at) I got myself tucked on the sofa beneath a duvet reading Finding Sky by Joss Stirling (out next month through OUP). I wasn’t entirely convinced it was a book for me at first but before I realised Steve was up and about and I only had 30 pages left to read! I have to say, it took me completely by surprise. Very enjoyable and a review shall be on its way – however, I have promised its editor first approval.

So my next read is another preview book, not due on the shelves until January next year, yet again courtesy of the fabulous Jennie! I shall tell you more in future posts, but for now allow me to leave you with my review of the author’s first book, Witchfinder: Dawn of the Demontide by William Hussey, just click the title to read more.


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