Posted by: Natalie | September 15, 2010

Welly Boots and Autumn Knits

I recently posted photos of my walk around the local park (Eeking Out the Last of Summer) mentioning my love for the start of Autumn. It made me think so much more about the reasons why I love this season, and I still fall back on this feeling of being a child and the comfort of things that came with colder weather. Plus, as a child you are more than aware that Autumn signals a rather rapid countdown to that most festive of holiday season.

But all this nostalgic thinking made me realise I am all a bit too grown up these days – I no longer go splashing in puddles or have a collection of fabulous cold weather hats. There is not as much fun in my wet weather wardrobe as there might once have been as a child. So my random internet window shopping has tackled this very thing!

Evercreatures Cow print lovelies, £32 from

Chickens!! £32 Evercreatures Wellingtons by

Rainbow bright splashing with these Jules Multi-coloured Festival Wellington Boots. £24.95 from

Go all Tim Burton with these Joules Marine Stripe Wellington Boots, £24.95 from

Over sized Snood, £35 from

Komodo scarf, £52 from

Red pom-pom knitted beanie, £14 Top Shop

Oatmeal fingerless mittens, £6.00 Dorothy Perkins

Best get those knitting needles twitching!



  1. or someone to get them for you… Christmas is only 100 days of shopping left! I like the welly’s too! >hint hint<

  2. I love the wellies – particularly the Tim Burton stripes! My Mummy was going to buy me some rather fabulous shiny red wellies from Joules with a big bow on for my birthday, but they sold out before she got a pair. 😦 I’ve wanted a pair of shiny red Paddington wellies like the ones I had as a child for YEARS now! xx

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