Posted by: Natalie | September 7, 2010


I will become interesting again soon, I promise. Finding this new routine difficult to organise at the moment, particularly when they send me to Coventry for the day on hideous courses. Most teachers dread these as they feel they are being preached to on subjects they know more about. I would have quite readily enjoyed this type of course today. Instead I was subjected to a really poorly delivered series of powerpoints that have only addled my brain. Reviewing it now, it is not difficult or complicated, but the infomration bombarded me in such a peculiar (and utterly confusing) manner that I feel like my brain has done ten rounds with a heavy weight.

All I want to do now is kick back in the tub and actually get to read something – I haven’t even managed to fit in 50 pages over the last few days, so upset. But my brain is spinning still. So, I will make a simple tea, flump for a while and return to indulgence later. Hopefully tomorrow I will have something more literary based to post to you. But forgive me if it is another school based gripe! I just want everything to be settled now – impatience is something of a weakness I fear!


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