Posted by: Natalie | September 6, 2010


(Not too interesting today, still trying to locate the new routine!)

If you are anything like me, your internet browser’s bookmark list is ridiculous. I have a habit of planning to return to corners of the web I stumble across and rarely actually making it. I need to clear out my current list as it is becoming cumbersome. Actually, I think the internet bookmarks is a new metaphor for my brain. I used to be that my desk signalled the state of mental health – the less wood that could be seen, the more likely it was I was in need of a cup of tea and a lie down.

So, I am getting straight and organised. Here are the current bookmarks on my browser, waiting to be put to better use, probably tells you a little bit more about me!

Writing Articles

Cooking and Crafts

What I would like to buy . . .

Ok, they are now filed! *breathes a sigh of relief for feeling more organised* Feel free to send me links to add to a new bookmark list!



  1. A few of those look interesting -> I’ll have to add some to my own “to-read-when-i-eventually-get-a-chance” list. Ta! I’ve been organising myself lately also, however I am yet to see light at the end of that particular tunnel, haha!

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