Posted by: Natalie | September 3, 2010

For all nosy parkers!

I am sure this post will be hugely interesting to all of you! Maybe not. But I thought I would share with you my little corner so you can see where I will be spending my non-writing time. I have a corner of a ‘demountable’ block (stupid name) – its more of a hut or as I like to think, a big cupboard!

It was a little desolate when I first arrived but I think, after an unhealthy amount of laminating, slicing, cutting, stapling and blu-tacking, it’s almost home . . .

A little bit gloomy

My little corner

I still don’t have electricity, heat or water, but I have a comfy chair . . . *thinks about installing a kettle too*. It’s is going to be a strange old place and so much of me is quite relieved to have my own little space. As I mentioned before, this school is newly combined with another, a fairly typical occurrence it would seem these days. There is a huge staff and I have only managed to cling onto a couple of names so far but once the children step through the doors on Monday, I suspect that a few issues may start to break through to the surface.

As with anything like this, there are going to be frictions – hell, there are frictions in the most effective of environments, but just as kids and animals are, adults can be immensely territorial. Nothing awful has come to my attention but from little over heard snippets, feelings are still running very high. It would seem everyone is on a learning curve this year and I appear to have the easiest of the lot. Not only is my role just part time, but I am not from either of the two merged schools so there cannot be any preconceived ideas about loyalty/allegiance/side taking – however you want to describe it. Regardless of best intentions, the playground can often be reflected in the staffroom particularly in times of stress or pressure. I do not envy the task now faced by the management team. I can only be thankful that I chose a different path.

Have a lovely weekend all.



  1. Natalie, I’m still sitting here, saying outloud, “No Electricity?!” I would hope that this gets recified soon, as ‘good lighting’ would seem to be important when trying to read and write! But maybe, in Jolly Ole, they do things a little differently!? Other than getting stuck with these two words, it sounds like you are finding your place in the scheme of things and you’ve made your space… feel like home! Enjoy your weekend as well, D

  2. Electricity, heat and water would be nice -I hope that gets sorted out for you soon.

    You’ve got your wee corner looking lovely.

    Yes, merging a school is abit of a minefield – you’re right about you being a ‘neutral’ – I’ve been in that situation myself. I found the children took it all in their stride and so did the parents – it was the staff who had the most difficulty. Maintain that neutrality – a little bit of emotional distance is no bad thing at work. Be there for the kids, keep smiling at everybody and if all else fails – I find taking in cakes and chocolate cheers the staffroom up no end.

    Chill out over the weekend and go in optimistic on Monday. 🙂

  3. Your ability to turn that bare patch of demountable into something welcoming is a real gift.

    I reckon I woulda loved to have been in your class when I was a child.

    Can’t comment on the staff room because I am not a teacher. Well, I don’t teach children. I write adult-education courses for an e-learning company so in a way I am in education – just the opposite end of the spectrum.

    I don’t know how teachers do it: seems like such a stressful profession (most seem to struggle more with their adult colleagues than the kids / parents).

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